Smart recognizes your evolving needs which is why we have embarked on a long term network transformation plan to dramatically improve your experience of our service.

Early this year, our Chairman MVP promised “that in every step of progress, and every progress, you will be the first to know, and first to feel the change.” It is in that same spirit of transparency that our Consumer Business Head, Ariel V. Fermin, shares the letter below.

Warm greetings !

I am writing to share the big changes we are undertaking in our network to provide you with an enhanced digital experience on your mobile phones.

After firing up the country’s first LTE-Advanced site in Boracay last February, we started to expand our 4G/LTE service to complement our 3G service across the country, particularly in Metro Davao. This will then be followed by Metro Cebu, Metro Manila and some parts of South Luzon that will all be completed by end of year.

Please bear with us as these network enhancements may impact on the quality of our services from time to time.

All of these efforts are in line with our commitment to serve you better through improved data connectivity and richer digital services. We aim to make #InternetForAll a reality.

For any concerns, issues and feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach us at 200, our toll-free 24/7 hotline using your Sun-powered phone, or (02) 3958000 using your landline.

We are changing for the better.
We will get there, together.

Thank you.

At your service,

Ariel P. Fermin
EVP and Head of Consumer Business