Secure, convenient, and eco-friendly, eStatements are digital or electronic versions of your accounts and transactions. Whether you are a student, a young professional, or a seasoned industry leader, you can enjoy the benefits of going paperless in this age of mobile connectivity and cloud services.

As a leader in digital innovation, Smart allows subscribers to waive the receipt of printed bills and switch to using eStatements. Here are four reasons why you should give it a go:


1. It is completely free

You don’t need to pay to register or opt in. All it takes is to log in to your My Smart account and register to eStatements. To check your eStatements, you can log in to your My Smart account and click View eStatements, located in Account Services tab. Don’t have access to My Smart? Download the My Smart app today on the App store or Google Play Store.


2. Your billing statements are archived

When you opt for eStatements, you can check your billing statements in the last 12 months on your My Smart account. Plus you can easily view, download and print a PDF copy of your bill from your computer or smartphone.




3. Billing statements delivered to you in an instant

If you’re enrolled to eStatements, expect to receive your billing statement earlier because there’s no need to wait for it in your physical mailbox.


4. You contribute in saving the planet

Saving our resources means saving the environment. Going paperless and switching to eStatements helps in lowering carbon footprint due from paper manufacturing (and less chances of getting those annoying papercuts). So go ahead and try paperless billing today.

By using eStatements, not only are you supporting the environment, you can stop worrying about possible identity theft, additional cost, clutter and waiting for days just to get your phone bills to arrive in the mail.