How to Register Your Smart BRO Postpaid SIM

Option 1:  Register using a mobile phone

Insert the Smart Bro postpaid SIM into any mobile phone and text YES to 5858.

Option 2: Register using Smart Bro Device Settings Dashboard

Follow these steps to send an SMS using the dashboard of your Smart Bro Pocket Wi-Fi device.

1. Connect to the Wi-Fi signal of your Smart Bro Pocket Wi-Fi device.

2. Type on your web browser. For old devices, use

3. You will be warned that “Your connection is not private.” To continue, select Advanced, then choose Proceed to (unsafe) to access the Smart Bro Dashboard.

4. Enter your Password on the Smart Bro Dashboard. The default username is: smartbro

5. Select the SMS tab.

6. Select the NEW button to compose a new message.

7. To send an SMS for sim registration, input 5858 on the recipient text box. Then, type YES in the message box, and select the SEND button.