How to Report a Lost or Stolen Phone

To ensure the safety of your account, please send us a message on our Smart Facebook page or Twitter @SmartCares to report the lost or stolen mobile phone. You may also call our hotline *888 using a Smart number or (02) 8888-1111 via landline.

For Postpaid subscribers:

Outgoing calls will immediately be barred upon report of loss to Smart. You may also request for barring of incoming calls.

To request for SIM replacement, you may visit the nearest Smart Store and bring the required documents. Know more about it here.

For Prepaid subscribers:

Prepaid subscribers may visit a Smart Store to request for SIM replacement. Read more about SIM replacement requirements here.

Note that Smart will issue a new SIM but not replace the lost or stolen phone.

Requesting for IMEI Blocking

To block your cellphone from being used by an unauthorized user, please contact the National Telecommunications Commissions (NTC) at 0919-299 9999. NTC will require the following:

  • A properly accomplished Affidavit of Ownership and Loss with Undertaking (NTC form)
  • Proof of ownership of the unit (receipts, barcode sticker from the box)
  • Police report (in the absence of any proof of ownership)