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12 Gifts Your K-Fan Friend Will Thank You For

K-pop, K-dramas, K-beauty, K-food—a lot of you are guilty of obsessing over these things. The allure of Korean culture among Filipinos today is undeniable. Many have embraced it to the point that it has become part of their everyday lives. You’ve probably danced to at least one BTS or BLACKPINK song, bawled your eyes out over a relatable Korean telenovela, followed trends on Korean skincare or makeup, craved kimchi or samgyeopsal, or even used oppa, annyeonghaseyo, or saranghae in your day-to-day conversations.

TLDR: Korean culture is practically everywhere. And while it’s inescapable, Filipinos are known for splurging on different K-inspired items or collectibles as a way of showing their support for this culture. 

If you’ve got a K-fan friend you want to show some love for this holiday season, we got you. You’ll find plenty of items and merchandise out there for different types of K-fan. It’s just a matter of finding the right ones to gift for each one of them. Below we round up some cute gift ideas for your friend (or yourself!) this Christmas:

1. Tote Bag 

Tote bags are absolute necessities whenever you’re on-the-go. You can easily just chuck in everything you need for the day right inside these bags before you leave the house. They are usually made from lightweight fabrics or canvas which make them less bulky and more convenient to carry around. The best part? They usually come in the cutest designs! Try to look for ones that feature your friend’s favorite oppa K-drama heartthrobs or K-pop idols. They’re sure to swoon over them! 

2. Skincare

Here’s a fact: we look up to Koreans for having flawless, glass skin. K-Beauty junkies know that investing in skincare products and religiously sticking to a skincare routine can help one achieve that ~ultra~ glowing skin you see in K-Drama leading ladies or K-Pop girl groups. Whether your friend is just starting out or is the ultimate K-Beauty addict, you can choose to gift them skincare products with natural ingredients. It’s better if you find a product that either your friend already uses or something they haven’t discovered yet. 

3. Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are a great way to add a little flair to your friend’s otherwise boring denim jackets, jeans, backpacks, or hats. They’re tiny statement pieces that can accurately describe their current mood, reveal their love for food or dogs, or just simply bring out that quirky side in them. If you and your friend are fond of collecting (or hoarding!) enamel pins, then buying them a set of enamel pins to add to their collection is the way to go. You’ll want to splurge on a K-drama-themed set or a K-food-inspired one for extra cuteness! Maybe throw in some button pins too if they’re into those as well.

4. Phone Grip

Phone grips are still very in nowadays. They’re practical, chic, and can instantly jazz up your phone. These phone grips also come in pop-up versions which you can use as a stand for when you want to set down your phone on your desk and watch a movie. If your friend is prone to dropping his/her phone or has a bulky mobile phone, maybe gifting them a phone grip can help make their lives a little easier. Choose one that has their K-drama crush on it: Now your friend’s oppa crush is literally right within their fingertips!

5. Planner

If there’s one thing you can bless your K-Fan friend with, it’s teaching them the value of being organized. With 2021 just right around the corner, you can help your friend fulfill an item in their New Year’s Resolution by buying them a planner. There are all sorts of planners out there each catering to the different needs of your friend. You can opt to give them a basic or minimalist one where they can keep track of their daily goals or a bullet journal where they can showcase their creativity (like doodling their beloved K-pop group for extra inspo!). 

6. Plushies

Who doesn’t love plushies? These adorable and huggable stuffed toys are the best companions while binge-watching your favorite shows in bed. For your K-drama-loving friend, give them a plushie that’s made an appearance on one of the Korean telenovelas they’ve watched. You can scour the internet for Dinosaur and Mang-Tae plush dolls as seen on It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, the iconic penguin doll on Crash Landing on You, Mr. Buckwheat from Goblin, or Minomi lion from The King Eternal Monarch

7. Sweater

With the cold weather coming in this holiday season, sweaters and hoodies make the perfect present for friends. You’ll find plenty of those available in shops or online stores with K-pop group’s names printed on them. It’s basically a fashion staple for anyone who claims to be part of a K-pop fandom. Aside from keeping your K-pop-obsessed friend warm, this is an opportunity for him/her to proudly wear their favorite bands. Better yet, you can buy one with *finger hearts* on them just to show your love and appreciation for your friend.  

8. Makeup

Glossy lips? Porcelain skin? Glitter eyes? You name it. Korean makeup trends are here to stay. We’re no stranger to the massive influence that K-pop and K-drama beauty icons have on us when it comes to makeup concepts. And while your K-beauty friend is still mastering those K-drama leading lady makeup looks, gift them makeup products to go with. Splurge on those lip tints, blush, eyeshadow palettes, eye shimmer, and mascara to help them achieve that daebak beauty. 

9. Album

Listening to songs using a streaming platform is one thing while listening to songs from an album is another. Sometimes, it’s nice to go old school and travel back to those days when having physical copies of your favorite artist’s or band’s album meant everything in the world. In the K-pop world, albums are usually sold as deluxe or special editions. They also include photo cards, posters, CDs, and lyric books. If you have the budget, you can go above and beyond by getting your friend a signed or limited edition copy of their K-pop idol’s newly-released album.

10. Light Sticks

What’s a concert without a light stick? BLACKPINK, BTS, TWICE, and EXO fans know very well that a concert experience is never complete without one. It’s during those significant moments when your K-pop idols dance to their songs or you get lost in their performances that you feel the need to use these LED sticks to show your love for them. Each K-pop idol group has their distinct design ranging from weapons, animals, and other intricate shapes. Arm your K-fan friend with one this Christmas and light ‘em up as soon as you give it to them. 

11. Headphones

We all have that one friend who listens to K-pop songs all-day long—at work, during a commute, before they go to sleep, or while working out. Headphones are the best gift to send this type of K-fan friend. Choose one that’s comfortable on the ears and has a foldable design so that it’ll be easy for them to carry it around anywhere and listen to their favorite tunes anytime. Plus, it’ll also be great if they’re noise-cancelling for that completely immersive music experience. Trust us: you’ll be doing them a favor by replacing their old headphones with new ones. 

12. K-Drama Night

Nothing beats a night when you and your K-fan bestie are just sitting on the couch, binge-watching K-dramas, and eating popcorn. If spending quality time is something you haven’t been able to do with your friend due to your busy schedules, then a K-drama night is something he or she will appreciate. Fair warning: you might have to ready those tissues too. Be ready to cry your heart out or lose it when you see both of your oppas on-screen. 

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