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3 Reasons Why You Should Watch and Give In to “Hunger”

3 Reasons Why You Should Watch and Give In to “Hunger”

In case you’re looking for a particular film to watch next, “Hunger” on Netflix might just be for you. Not only is it a feast for the eyes because of all the amazing food you’ll get to see cooked and served but it also dishes out fresh and compelling storytelling. If you’re not yet convinced, then here are our top three reasons why you should watch “Hunger” on Netflix.

The food looks delicious

We told you it is a feast for the eyes and this movie is filled to the brim with mouth-watering dishes. While we won’t discuss all the dishes featured in the film, we do have a few stand-out favorites that will really catch your attention.

First off is Aoy’s Ngo Ngae Noodles AKA Cry Baby Noodles, which is one of the first dishes you will see in “Hunger”. You might assume that this seemingly flavorful stir-fry noodles is a Thai street food staple, but it’s actually a fictional dish. The good news though is that fans have made and uploaded a bunch of recipes you can use to replicate the dish for yourself. Here’s one recipe we found on Tiktok uploaded by cookedbymike—definitely a good option as a movie snack.

Second, we have the visually stunning A5 Wagyu Beef ‘Flesh and Blood’ Dish. For context, the dish is made for a general and the chosen theme alludes to the nature of the military battles he had won. The whole scene is just striking. From the plating to the overall atmosphere, this is definitely a dish that will stick with you even after the movie is over.

There are plenty of other stellar dishes that are featured in the film so, fair warning, you may start having some serious food cravings while watching and even way after the film has ended.

The cooking techniques featured are interesting and real

As the film is about food and cooking, you’ll of course expect it to be rooted in actual culinary techniques. “Hunger” puts a spotlight on some of these realities and techniques from the culinary world as we witness Aoy’s immersion into the craft. “Hunger” has so much of the fundamentals of the culinary industry—from proper slicing techniques to the basics of being a restaurateur—that you can’t help but be enamored by its attention to detail.

There is, however, one specific scene that people are probably going to be so entertained with, especially fans of a popular food critic best known as Uncle Roger. Yup, “Hunger” features an Egg Fried Rice cook-off and this part is really well made, so much so that Uncle Roger himself reacted to the clip and commented on how “legit” the scene is. It is even emphasized in the movie that egg fried rice is best cooked with leftover rice and with a wok. Aoy is pitted against another person who makes the error of using newly made rice. You can almost hear Uncle Roger saying “HAIYAA” in your mind.

The story is tense and gripping

As interesting as the food and the culinary techniques are in “Hunger”, the real hook to the film is its compelling narrative. The movie really gets you invested in the story of Aoy and how she’s a person who’s looking to fulfill her dreams and make her life better but realizes that things are never easy. As she immerses herself deeper and deeper into the world of Chef Paul, she finds out just how tough and complicated that road is. She learns that her approach to cooking is so vastly different to Chef Paul’s that she starts becoming lost between her two visions of who she is and who she wants to be.

If you’ve ever seen the 2014 movie “Whiplash”, there are similarities between the two main characters. Aoy is very similar to Andrew in that they both start from a position of love for their craft, both wanting something better for themselves and wanting to live up to their potential. On the other hand, you have Chef Paul being sort of like Fletcher from “Whiplash” who has a very different and almost dark approach to his craft. Aoy cooks with love while Chef Paul cooks for vindication. It’s here that Aoy, in her journey to become better, starts to question if Chef Paul’s road is one she needs to take as well. She wants to become better but at what cost?

As you enjoy this Netflix offering, you’ll realize that it’s in the character work where it really shines while getting you invested in its plot.

A feast worth indulging in

“Hunger” is definitely a film worth seeing because it not only possesses a gripping narrative but it is also visually compelling. Watch the movie to satisfy the eyes, the mind, and the heart with Netflix On Us through Smart Signature Plans+. You can stream your favorite films and series non-stop as Plans+ come with a Netflix mobile subscription.To activate your Netflix bundle, follow the instructions and click the link in your Signature welcome email. You may also visit the Smart Netflix Activation Portal directly.

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