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Do's and Don'ts When Taking and Uploading Photos for SIM Reg

Do’s and Don’ts When Taking and Uploading Photos for SIM Reg

SIM registration requires subscribers to submit two photos: a selfie and a government ID photo. Follow these do’s and don’ts to ensure a problem-free registration.


DO face the camera 

Look straight at the camera, have your chin slightly up, and relax your shoulders. Include your full face in the photo; whole body shots are not necessary.

DO have good lighting

Take the picture in a well-lit indoor area. Avoid overly bright light sources to prevent glare, but you can use flash if necessary.

DO take the photo against a plain background

The simpler the background, the better. You should be the focus of the photo, not your backdrop. You can use a neutral wall or curtain.

DO look presentable and wear appropriate outfit

Your photo should make you appear clean and professional. Think of it as taking a photo for a government ID.

DO make sure you’re the only person in the photo

Refrain from submitting a group shot or a photo with other people obviously cropped out. Your photo should only be of you. 

DON’T wear hats and glasses

Avoid wearing accessories that can hide your facial features, or in the case of eyeglasses, cause glare. Also, don’t forget to remove your face mask.

DON’T use filters

Filters are acceptable for your Instagram and Facebook posts, but not in this situation. Certain filters can improve your appearance but distort your features and make you look very different from the photo in your government ID. 

DON’T crop the photo too tightly

Don’t crop the photo too close to your face. For a more professional look, you want your photo to show your shoulders as well.


DO submit a photo of a valid government ID

Be ready with a photo or a scanned copy of your valid government-issued ID. Check here for the complete list of acceptable IDs.

DO use a high-quality photo

The photo or scan of your government ID should be clear and preferably have a high resolution. The text on your government ID should be readable, as it will be used to confirm the information you entered. 

DO place the ID within the frame

When uploading, make sure to put the ID within the frame. The SIM registration portal has a frame guide you can follow.

DON’T submit an expired government ID

Use a current government ID when registering. An expired ID is an invalid form of identification in official documents and processes.

DON’T submit an ID that doesn’t match your current look

Remember that you’ll be submitting both a selfie and an ID photo. If you look too different in your government ID, your application may be rejected, and you may have to restart the registration process.


To enjoy the perks and privileges of being a Smart subscriber, visit the Smart SIM registration portal and complete the process today.

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