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Farlight 84: Why You Should Try Out the Popular Battle Royale Game

How Farlight 84 Managed to Draw In One Million PH Players Per Day

Battle royales are some of the most popular games of the past 10 years and Farlight 84 has quickly become one of the fastest rising competitors in the genre. 

The popularity of Farlight 84, particularly in the Philippines, rose pretty quickly after it was officially released in April 2023. According to publisher Farlight Games, the new battle royale has already achieved 30 million globally registered users, with over one million daily active players hailing from the Philippines alone.

Here’s what this new battle royale is all about and why you should try out Farlight 84.

What Is Farlight 84 and Why Is It So Popular?

For the unfamiliar, battle royale games pit a large group of players against each other in a large map. While some features or mechanics are different for each battle royal game, the main premise mostly remains consistent. Participants either play solo or in teams and are tasked with defeating the other teams or players until they are the last one standing. Many battle royale games also include a feature that reduces the size of the map’s playable area, which avoids dragging out the game and forces players to engage sooner.

Farlight 84, made by developer Lilith Games, takes several of the best elements of its competitors and adds its own set of unique features and mechanics to make it stand out.

First off, Farlight 84 features a colorful and cartoony aesthetic that is akin to Fortnite, one of the most popular games in the world. Its aesthetic stands in contrast to some of its strongest competitors, namely COD: Mobile and PUBG Mobile, which have a more realistic render. Farlight 84’s visuals make it more accessible to a wider audience compared to the other two, which may be too serious or intimidating for some.

Hero-Based Gameplay, Weapons, and Vehicles

The new battle royale also features hero-based gameplay that’s most likely inspired by titles such as Apex Legends, another popular battle royale game. Each of Farlight 84’s heroes features a unique design as well as stats and abilities, allowing each of them to impact the game differently.

Instead of a blank-slate character like in PUBG Mobile or COD: Mobile’s loadout and class system, players are able to pick a hero that suits their preference or playstyle, which helps Farlight 84 stand out against its peers. Friends can also form teams with specific characters whose abilities work well together. The hero-based gameplay also contributes to making every match experience different.

Once Farlight 84 players enter a match, they’re able to equip themselves with weapons, ammunition, armor, and healing items that are found all across the map. The game features a myriad of weapons that suit different playstyles and strategies, such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and more. 

Players can also commandeer the assortment of vehicles and mechs available on the map to either bolster their firepower or help them navigate the map’s terrain faster.

Farlight 84 Is Bringing New Things to the Table

Some of the new and unique features that Farlight 84 introduces which differentiate it from other battle royales on the market include its jetpack, respawn, and weapon evolution systems. Players are equipped with jetpacks that allow them to propel themselves in the air either vertically or horizontally. 

While other battle royale games feature systems that allow players to return to the match after dying, they usually involve relying on their team to bring them back or having to battle it out with other eliminated players to see who gets to jump back into the match. Farlight 84’s respawn system simply respawns eliminated players a short time after they die, once per match.

The respawn system makes the game more accessible as it gives players an incredibly easy way to get a second chance to get back into the match. The system also removes some of the intimidating nature of battle royales as it gives players two lives instead of just one.

Lastly, weapons in Farlight 84 can be strengthened by picking up attachments for them during the match. Some of these include better magazines, grips, gunstocks, scopes, and more. However, Farlight 84 also includes a weapon evolution system that lets weapons gain experience and level up as players rack up kills, adding another layer of progression as well as incentivizing players to fight instead of hide.

Apart from the standard battle royale mode, Farlight 84 also features other game modes such as team deathmatch, hunt, solo deathmatch, and treasure war. These other game modes offer alternative gameplay experiences for players who want to take a break from the battle royale mode.

How Does It Stack Up and Why Should You Try It Out?

Farlight 84 is currently in a pretty unique position. Its biggest potential competitor and its closest visual counterpart, Fortnite, is no longer available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The game was removed from both platforms due to changes made to the game by developer Epic Games, which has given Farlight 84 the opportunity to take its place in the battle royale landscape.

Farlight 84 also stands out against its peers because of its implementation of crossplay between its mobile and PC versions, allowing players from both platforms to play with and against each other. This widens the active playerbase of the game significantly, making it easier and quicker for them to find matches to join.

More Farlight 84 Content and Events on the Horizon

Farlight 84 players have a lot to look forward to when it comes to content as Farlight Games has announced its plans to release new hero updates, new competitive seasons, and battle pass skins every month. A brand-new map, new weapons, game modes, and vehicles are also scheduled to be introduced every six months. Farlight Games’ content schedule for Farlight 84 shows that the game isn’t going away anytime soon.

The company also revealed that it has a lot of plans for the game in the Philippines, including adding a new Filipino hero as well as a new exclusive hero skin based on one of the well-known Filipino cultures. It also plans to hold several events and tournaments in the country in the future to help bolster the game’s popularity.

If you’ve been interested in trying out a battle royale game on mobile or have been waiting for one that your friends will be able to get into easily, Farlight 84 is definitely worth checking out. 

With everything Farlight 84 has to offer as well as all the plans its developer and publisher have in store for the game and its community in the Philippines, it’s set to grow even bigger in the future.

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