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Here's What's Going to Happen If You Fail to Register Your SIM Before the Deadline

Here’s What’s Going to Happen If You Fail to Register Your SIM Before the Deadline

By now, you’ve probably heard of Republic Act No. 11934, also known as the SIM Registration Act.

Aimed at preventing fraudulent and criminal activities, the law requires all Filipino citizens, tourists, and foreign nationals in the country to register their SIM cards with their respective service providers.

The registration period started in December 2022 and will only last until tomorrow, April 26, 2023.

What happens if I don’t register my SIM?

Failing to register by the deadline will result in the deactivation of your SIM.

If your sim gets deactivated:

  1. You won’t be able to use it anymore for SMS, calls, and data connection.
  2. Your remaining prepaid load will be forfeited. 
  3. You will lose access to all messages and contact information stored on your SIM card.
  4. If you’re using the SIM for your online accounts, such as your Maya, GigaLife, Facebook, and Google accounts, you must update them individually.
  5. You might encounter issues logging in to your accounts requiring an OTP (one-time password), such as your online bank accounts.

If caught using an unregistered SIM card, you may also be subject to legal penalties, such as fines or imprisonment.

Similarly, registering your SIM card using false information, including fake names and falsified government IDs, may also result in the same penalties.

How do I register my SIM? 

Unregistered SIM users may proceed to the Smart SIM Registration Portal and follow the steps for registration. 

Once you’re done uploading all the required information, just wait for the confirmation that your SIM has been successfully registered.

Remember, once your SIM gets deactivated, you’ll have only another five days to reactivate it before it is permanently disabled, so register sooner rather than later.

More questions? Find out more in our Smart SIM Registration FAQ or visit a Smart Store near you.

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