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Going for a Holiday Ride? Turn Your Phone Into a Motorbike Dashboard

Going for a Holiday Ride? Turn Your Phone Into a Motorbike Dashboard

Motorbikes are undeniably one of today’s most popular modes of transportation in the country. From accessible scooters to more expensive big bikes, motorized two-wheelers are all over the roads of the Philippines.

Just like cars, motorbikes are now more technologically advanced than before. Manufacturers have not only developed motorbikes that are more affordable but they’ve also created models that are packed with high-tech features, such as multiple drive modes and adjustable engine settings.

Advanced Features for Motorbikes

One of these technological advancements include the introduction of digital dashboards using LCD touchscreens that provide the user with their riding information, such as their speed and fuel gauge, as well as access to some of their bike’s features.

Third-party motorcycle accessory manufacturers have taken this a step further by creating mountable touchscreen dashboards that are equipped with Google’s Android OS, giving users access to apps for maps and navigation, route planning, and more.

However, you don’t really need to spend a sizable amount of money for a high-end motorbike or dedicated hardware to get yourself a digital dashboard for your ride. Instead, you can actually turn your smartphone into one. All you need is a proper smartphone mount for your motorbike.

Set Up Your Own Digital Motorbike Dashboard

Whether you own an iPhone or Android smartphone, there is a large number of third-party apps available on the App Store and the Google Play Store, from individual function-specific apps to all-in-one digital dashboards.

  • DMD2 – This app turns your phone into a digital dashboard that organizes your riding information as well as other apps into a nice interface. Similar apps to DMD2 will also have their own built-in navigation, route planning/tracking, and emergency features so you won’t need to open any other app along with them.
  • Google Maps and Waze – Both owned by Google and two of the most used navigation apps, Google Maps and Waze offer real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit information. Google Maps shows information about local dining, shopping, and popular hangout spots so you can explore the area. Google Maps Timeline also shows a personal map of routes and trips you’ve taken based on your Location History. Waze, on the other hand, uses data from other users to offer a community-driven navigation map.
  • Relive and Life360 – Relive is a popular app not just for riders, but also for runners, hikers, cyclists, skiers, and other adventurers. It allows you to track and record your trip, as well as share your activities in 3D video stories. The Life360 app was not made primarily for bikers, but it’s still widely used because it monitors your location and notifies your family if you ever get into an accident, giving your loved ones some peace of mind when you’re out on a ride.
  • Motolog, Yamaha Y-Connect, and Suzuki MySpin – Motolog helps you track your motorcycle’s mileage and service history so you can keep your ride well-maintained. Manufacturer-released apps such as Yamaha Y-Connect and Suzuki MySpin work exclusively with their motorbikes. These apps give users access to additional exclusive features thanks to their direct integration with the motorbike’s internal systems. These include the ability to see your motorbike’s battery level, fuel consumption, and water temperature.

Stay Connected Wherever You Ride

Turning your smartphone into a motorbike dashboard and your favorite riding assistant is easy and affordable. You just need to download and launch the apps you need or prefer, mount your smartphone to your motorbike, and you’re ready to ride.

Many of these apps require an internet connection either to function or to download required data. Having mobile data connection you can rely on is a must, whether you’re riding through busy city streets or on long and winding provincial roads.

Smart’s postpaid plans and data promos are available to keep you connected. And with Smart’s Signature Plans+, you’re not only getting unli all-net mobile calls and texts, unli landline calls, and big data allocation, you’re also able to get the latest smartphones on the market with their Device Plans. You can get your hands on flagship devices like the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro or Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip5 and Fold5, and turn them into your digital motorbike dashboard.

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