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How Content Creators Can Earn Through the Smart Power Partner Program

The new Smart Power Program is finally here to help content creators like you to maximize the reach you’ve worked hard to achieve. Smart’s new affiliate program asks its partners to promote the company’s products and services, allowing a Power Partner like you to earn commissions from these referral sales. This makes the Smart Power Program the perfect opportunity for content creators with a significant following to earn more.

What are Smart Power Partners?

Smart Power Partners are basically anyone with an online or social presence–such as influencers, bloggers, content creators, media practitioners, and online sellers–who can earn additional passive income through their content. This means that a content creator like you can utilize your range of content, from social media posts and articles to videos and shorts/stories, to earn from the Smart Power Program.

As a Smart Power Partner, you will be able to generate a unique Power Partner link which your followers can use when purchasing specific Smart products or services. As a Partner, you then earn from each referral sale that uses your Power Partner link.

How can you start earning as a Smart Power Partner?

To benefit from being a Power Partner, you can put out content related to the Smart product or service you are promoting and make sure that your unique link is visible to your followers. You can post relevant blogs, snaps, reels, or tweets and include the link within the blogs or as captions. Additionally, you have the option to simply post your unique Power Partner link on your social media profiles, which makes it easier for followers to see and use your unique links.

The Smart Power Program is a great opportunity to earn additional income whether for those that are already actively earning from their online content or presence, or as one of the first income streams for those that are just starting out in their respective field or have a smaller following or presence.

The ease of generating and using Power Partner links also means that there is no extra burden for content creators like you to make the most of the opportunity. Add to that the possibility to passively earn up to 30% in commissions, it only makes the benefit of joining the Smart Power Program pretty clear.

In addition, the Smart Power Partner dashboard does not only feature the Smart products and services you can promote, but it is also equipped with tools that will help you see the performance of your links as well as monitor how much you have earned from them.

How do I become a Smart Power Partner?

Application is easy through the Smart Power Program portal. Apart from providing your personal or business information and links to your social media or content platforms, you only have to submit a few documentary requirements to become a Smart Power Partner:

  • ID/Proof of Identification
  • BIR Form 2303 (Certificate of Registration)
  • Sample of your BIR-registered Acknowledgement Receipt or Official Receipt

You’ll be approved shortly once your application and requirements have been reviewed.

If you already have these documents and you want to try out the opportunity to earn more while creating content for your followers, you should definitely send your application now and be one of the first Smart Power Partners! Simply go to the Smart Power Program portal to apply and learn more about the program.

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