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Omega Coaches Share 3 Important Lessons to be The Greatest Gamer

Omega Coaches Share 3 Important Lessons to be The Greatest Gamer

With their obsession with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), Pinoys have become more and more competitive — from getting the latest hero skins to learning the prevailing most effective tactics available (Meta). Watching videos of winning moments and highlight plays may provide valuable insights on the latest strategies and game plans, however, there are more important aspects players should focus on.

In a learning session with the Greatest Gamer finalists, Ronel “STRONGER” Tan and Patrick James “E2MAX” Caidic – coaches of professional esports team Smart Omega – shared three crucial lessons. According to the coaches, serious players should take these lessons to heart if they want to clinch a spot in the national hero ranks and become “The Greatest Gamer” in the Philippines.

Lesson 1: Team Communication 

Clear communication is the most important part of teamwork. It is the key that enables each player to shine, as it allows team members to play their roles effectively. Communication will dictate how a team will move to make the game easier for them and harder for their opponents. 

Lesson 2: Proper Way to Pick Spells 

Sometimes, even one wrong spell for the hero can cost the game. In MLBB, there are 12 battle spells that players may choose from and picking the right one based on the team’s composition and the enemy’s roster of heroes will be a game-changer for the team. 

Lesson 3: Proper Choosing of Emblems 

Players should properly pick the emblems as this will dictate the early to late game of the team. MLBB recently implemented a new emblem setup for the game, revamping the old one to provide more flexibility to players. With this, players must be able to familiarize themselves with the new system and pick the right mix for their heroes. 

Check Out The Greatest Gamer Philippines

With these three crucial lessons, amateur MLBB players can level up and even aspire to join the next iterations of The Greatest Gamer and be part of Smart Omega’s MLBB roster for upcoming MPL seasons.

Smart Prepaid subscribers can tune into the journey of The Greatest Gamer Philippines aspirants on TikTok by registering to Power All offers, which come with daily access to TikTok. Those who want to stream episodes can watch them on TikTok every Mondays and Wednesdays at 4pm. The Grand Finals match takes place on Friday, July 21 at 4pm on TikTok.

The Greatest Gamer Philippines is powered by Smart, the Philippines’ Fastest and Best Mobile Network for the third consecutive reporting period of Ookla®, the global leader in mobile and broadband network intelligence. 

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