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Which Postpaid Plan Is Ideal for Students and Young Professionals?

Which Postpaid Plan Is Ideal for Students and Young Professionals?

In the whirlwind of juggling online classes, internships, first jobs, and the constant need to stay connected, finding the right postpaid plan that caters to all these needs is a must. For students and young professionals, a robust postpaid plan is just as essential as a cup of coffee. After all, the right postpaid plan can be the “secret weapon” that they need to make the most out of their studies or work day.

Fortunately, Smart offers a wide range of postpaid plans that are designed to match the lifestyles of students and young professionals:

SIM-Only Plans

If you already have a smartphone that you love using, you’ll probably want to opt for a SIM-Only Plan. As the name suggests, this type of postpaid plan comes with just a SIM card. In lieu of a device, these plans offer bigger mobile data allocation compared to plans that come with a device. Top options for SIM-Only Plans include:

  • Plan 599: This postpaid plan maximizes mobile data application at 10GB, making this a highly recommended option for those on a budget. The large data allocation makes it easy to juggle both work and play, from online research on-the-go to playing a round of Mobile Legends during long breaks. Plan 599 also comes with Unli All-Net Calls and Texts and Unli Landline Calls.
  • Plan 999: If you have a little more room in your monthly communication budget, you may want to check out Plan 999 instead. A new 999 plan will give you a bang for your buck with Unlimited 5G data for 12 months. It also comes with mobile data allocation at a whopping 20GB per month while maintaining Unli All-Net Calls and Texts and Unli Landline Calls. The plan also comes with Netflix on Us (Netflix Mobile subscription for the plan duration or a PHP 149 monthly discount on any existing Netflix subscription), giving you ways to relax between studies or work.

Device Plans

Do you need a new phone to go along with your new postpaid plan? If so, you should check out Smart’s Device Plans. These plans come with a smartphone of your choice, ranging from mid range Android phones all the way to the latest iPhones. 

Our top pick for students is definitely Plan 999. This postpaid plan comes with 5GB of data and Unli All-Net Calls and Texts, plus 50 minutes worth of calls to PLDT numbers. Young professionals, on the other hand, may want to take a closer look at Plan 1499 to access lower monthly payments on phones, including the latest iPhones and flagship Samsung models. Plan 1499 comes with 10GB data, Unli All-Net Calls and Texts, and 100 minutes to PLDT numbers.

Make Your Postpaid Plan Truly Yours

You can also easily customize your base postpaid plan with Smart Signature Boosters. These add-ons allow you to maximize your plan with data packages for a small monthly fee on top of your monthly plan. These additional data packages can be used for all apps and sites.

  • 1GB Data, Php 99/month
  • 4GB Data, Php 199/month
  • 8GB Data, Php 299/month
  • 12GB Data, Php 399/month
  • 20GB Data, Php 499/month
  • Unli 5G, Php 399/month

Empower your academic journey or kickstart your professional career with the right connectivity solution. Visit your nearest Smart branch today or check out the Smart Online Store and find the perfect postpaid plan for you.

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