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10 Mobile Games for Every Type of Gamer

During the lockdown, most people had to stay home.

With fewer things to do, some felt bored and were motivated to play games.

Some people also say that playing mobile games to be more relaxing, engaging, and makes them happier as compared to when they spend time on social media platforms.

We’ve listed some games below that everybody can try.

Regardless of the type of gamer you are — a beginner, a casual gamer, or a hardcore one. 

Games for beginners

These are games you can start playing even without any previous knowledge in mobile gaming.

They’re easy-to-learn that will get you hooked in no time, and will make you want to spend more time playing.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Play a game against zombies whose only goal is to eat your brains.

This is a great game for beginners because the difficulty is scaling.

You start on easy levels, but as you play, the levels will get more difficult.

Develop your problem solving and critical thinking skills as you try to strategize how you assemble your plants for each level.

You may also practice the process of trial and error, because there will be levels where you’ll have to try different techniques and approaches.


With a collection of millions (yes, millions) of mini games, Roblox is a good starting point for beginners in mobile games.

Each mini game has a different set of mechanics, but as you play more and more, you’ll be able to adapt to any game you choose.

You will also get to develop a certain gaming style or genre that you prefer through Roblox.

Decide if you want to run from huge heads while you’re in a maze, try parkour games to improve your control skills, or try you hand at an entrepreneurial game and start your own car dealership, or travel to different cities to wreak havoc.

If you’ve played enough, you may even try making your own game.

8 Ball Pool

Get in the competitive spirit with this classic game of pool.

The rules of this game are the same with the live 8-ball pool played almost anywhere — only the mobile version is easier because it provides guiding lines for you so you won’t have any trouble aiming your cue ball.

Match up with a random opponent who plays the game simultaneously with you, as if you’re playing face to face.

The difficulty of  your games will depend on how much you win.

That means you’ll start playing with beginners early on, and will move up to face more experienced players as you improve your own skills as well.

Games for casual gamers

These are games you can just simply leave on your gadgets, and play whenever you and your family or friends decide to play it.

These casual multiplayer games are fun, quick, and do not require you to put in hours of playing to enjoy them.

You can simply start a game anytime, anywhere.

Among Us 

Among us is a multiplayer game where you’ll have to do certain tasks to win, but there are players whose sole purpose is to sabotage the game by eliminating players.

The twist is that you don’t know who the saboteurs are, and for them to win, they mustn’t be caught.

With this game, you’ll be able to develop your verbal communication skills since you will have to explain to others why you’re not the one sabotaging the game, and at the same time, you’ll be able to learn how to pick up on social cues to determine if a certain person is being genuine or not. 


Originally a card game, UNO!™ is the official mobile game app that you can enjoy with your family and friends even when you’re apart.

The same rules apply with this online game, which means that the level of fun is the same.

By playing, you get to enhance the way you strategize.

Being able to plan and know what moves you’ll be making is crucial in order to win this game.

Since turns are also time-bound, you will also have to improve the way you think on your feet as you come up with your strategies on the go.

Scrabble Go

Just like the classic board game, Scrabble Go lets you play with somebody else.

It’s a great way to bond with your family and friends, and you can even go on random battles online.

By playing Scrabble Go, you get to improve your vocabulary and expand your knowledge on words, and at the same time, you also get to learn how to be more observant.

You can play this game anytime you’d like as there are also computer opponents who you can practice on so you can bring your A-game when playing with your loved ones.

Games for hardcore players

These are more competitive games you can try if you’re looking for more challenging gameplays.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Call of Duty: Mobile even have their own local and international competitions.

If you want to go professional, you’ll definitely have to step up your game. 

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

This game has risen to be one of the most popular amongst mobile gamers in the country.

Mobile Legends is a strategy game where your goal is to destroy the enemy’s base.

If you’re into Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) or Action Real-Time Strategy (ARTS) games, you’ll want to try this.

With unlimited ways of achieving your team’s goals, you’ll definitely have to amp up your critical thinking and strategy game whenever your team is going through crucial times.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Just like the PC version, Call of Duty is a shooter game.

You can go on deathmatches or battle royales. For either game modes, you’ll be able to develop a better eye because you’ll have to spot enemies from a distance.

Develop your own strategies so you can flawlessly win games.

Your reaction time will also improve when playing this game because you will need to respond quickly to different types of situations while you’re out on the battlefield. 

Genshin Impact

Are you into Role Playing Games (RPG)? Then this is the game for you.

Genshin Impact features an open-world type of game where you get to go on magical quests.

By playing this game,  you’ll understand better how to manage your resources, since this is one aspect in the game you’ll definitely have to learn.

The game also features different types of elements, which means you will also learn to properly strategize and plan how to use each character so you know which is the most effective against certain enemies. 

Bonus game

Pokemon Unite

No doubt, nearly everybody has an idea what Pokemon is.

There’s already a lot of games released by Pokemon, but this is something else.

Pokemon Unite is a MOBA game.

You get to choose from a set of Pokemons, and you control them as you fight in 5 vs 5 games.

The goal in this game is to score as many points as you can.

But of course, your opponents will try to do the same and, at the same time, try to stop you from scoring.

For more reasons on why you should play Pokemon Unite, you may read our previous blog here

Get your game on and start playing on your favorite gadgets.

But always remember to play responsibly.

To start your plunge into the gaming scene, download the GigaLife app now and register to data promos for a fast, lag-free, and smooth gaming experience.

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