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6 Cool Ideas for Your Next TikTok Video

There’s a reason why making TikTok videos is so in right now—they’re an awesome way to showcase your fun, exciting, and sometimes crazy side. From dance challenges to lip-syncing videos and DIY hacks, there’s a whole bunch of entertaining content to be seen here. You’ll even find that your friends, favorite celebrities, and basically everyone else are on this popular platform. And if you haven’t downloaded this app yet, then you’re missing out on a lot of things. 

While we’re all staying at home and waiting for the pandemic to be over, it doesn’t hurt to have a little fun. Wondering what TikTok video to post next? Whether you’re just starting out or already on your 100th TikTok video, here are some ideas:


Having a bomb outfit and not being able to wear it outside can be frustrating. If you’ve ever missed going out and slaying in your fashionable clothes, then maybe an OOTD TikTok will help you cope with this conundrum. You can opt to wear casual, party, formal, sporty, classy, or a mix of everything and edit it into one short video. Most TikTokers make use of interesting transitions and effects to make their OOTD videos a lot more engaging for viewers. You can be creative with it and do jump transitions or change your outfit with just a snap of a finger. Even better, you can channel your inner runway model by parading around your room and striking your fiercest pose. Who knows? You just might be everyone else’s next OOTD inspiration.

Makeup Tutorials

Got the talent to go from ‘I woke up like this’ to ‘all glammed up’ in a matter of minutes? Then it’s time to grab your makeup products and brushes and flaunt all of your makeup skills. If you’re up for the challenge, you can try doing several everyday makeup looks at once or recreate a makeup look inspired by your fave celebs or movie characters. Maybe slap on a sparkly filter to let your makeup really shine. You can also do a TikTok video where you remove your makeup to show off your natural beauty. Or if you want to give everyone a good laugh, you can document your makeup misadventures (which we’re sure a lot of people would be able to relate to!). Don’t forget to sing-along to the audio clip and bust a move while you’re at it!


If there’s one thing that everyone loves to see on their feed, it’s probably food. Many people have taken to cooking, baking, and to an extent, mixing drinks during quarantine. And let’s just say that this newfound love for activities associated with the kitchen can have the potential to make it big on TikTok. Perhaps you’ve got a unique food recipe your friends have been wanting you to share or you’re a foodie who just simply loves to eat, whatever it is, there are countless ways you can create recipe guides on this platform. Try your hand at healthy weekly meal preps or jump into the bandwagon of viral food recipes. You can also make satisfying cooking videos paired with ASMR sounds for the ultimate experience. 


We’re not the only ones who miss living a life outdoors. Our fur babies also need a break from sleeping all day in the house; and they, too, deserve the spotlight. Has your dog learned new tricks over the past months? Or maybe your cat has the funniest ways of showing its affection for you? You can instantly brighten up someone’s day just by sharing a TikTok video of your cute pets doing the most random things. Let’s face it, nothing is better than seeing dogs talk, wear cute costumes, and make hilarious faces. You can capture their reactions to different sounds or play hide and seek with them for some humorous content. Just make sure your fur babies are also up for it!


We all have our favorite lines from movies or TV shows we’ve watched. We’ve most likely memorized them by heart and can even copy the actor’s facial expressions and mannerisms down to the smallest details. Now you can put this skill into good use on TikTok. If you think you can nail a character in a movie, then try making a TikTok video complete with your character’s attire and makeup. You can also do a dialogue reenactment by dressing up as all of the characters in your fave movie and simultaneously performing their lines for a scene. All it takes is some determination and great editing skills to make it all work.


Since y’all liked the first one so much, here’s more gravity falls content for y’all 💚 #fyp #foryou #gravityfalls

♬ original sound – Jenoah Bush

‘A Day in the Life ’

Who says you have to do those viral TikTok challenges? Sometimes, the simplest of videos can be very entertaining too. On TikTok, just being yourself is one way you can stand out from the rest. If you identify under a certain category, say being a wine connoisseur, a plantita, or a hipster who loves listening to vinyl records, then you can create videos that show what a typical day in your life would look like. Think of it as mini vlogs where you show everything interesting about your life. It can also be as mundane as how you get ready for work and unwind after a long day. The best part about ‘a day in the life’ TikTok videos is that they can be about anything you want them to be. 

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