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Why We All Love the Heartwarming Appeal of True Beauty

Why We All Love the Heartwarming Appeal of True Beauty

The classic ugly duckling transformation trope in stories has been proven to draw readers’ and viewers’ interest continuously. However, with True Beauty, a Korean drama series created from a Naver webtoon, the appeal doesn’t just come from the lead character’s metamorphosis but from all the little things that make up the story.

We list a few reasons why True Beauty remains one of the most-watched K-dramas on Viu, a streaming platform for all things Asian.

Saying ‘No’ to bullies

In the series, high school girl Lim Ju-kyung, played by Tempted’s Moon Ga-young, has been bullied for almost all her life for being “ugly.” She has no friends she can rely on in her old high school, only the reprieve offered by a comic book store she frequents.

Ju-kyung finally found the courage to fight her bullies simply by showing up. Usually, that’s all it takes.

Making dreams come true

What allowed Ju-kyung to truly enjoy her high school life was when she discovered the power of make-up and the confidence that it brings.

After binge-watching make-up tutorial videos with not being bullied as the goal in mind, she accidentally turned herself into the prettiest girl in her new high school. However, the series also pointed out that it took a lot of practice before Ju-kyung could do her make-up well.

Throughout the episodes, she met resistance from unexpected people about her goal of becoming a make-up artist, but she persevered. This perseverance led her to the fulfillment of her dream.

Relationships that go beyond romantic love

Ju-kyung’s relationship with her family makes True Beauty truly beautiful. Her siblings, both good-looking, are there for her every time she needs them.

Their family has a chemistry that we often see in family-oriented K-dramas like Reply 1988, She Was Pretty, and My ID Is Gangnam Beauty. You can watch all these series on Viu.

Friendship is one of the relationships supposed to go beyond the physical, and True Beauty has proven that this remains true. Ju-kyung has also found intangible friendships on the internet, highlighting that it is possible to find well-meaning people.

Nostalgia and warmth, always

In an article released by Elle Magazine, it says that the appeal of K-dramas is founded on, among other things, “the bold and skillful storytelling with which K-Dramas tackle societal issues, personal struggles, and universal themes such as family, friendship, and love make for thoughtful content that resonates with audiences across geographical borders.”

True Beauty is proof of this. The series emanates light, fun, and warmth. Taking us back to first loves and problems that only teenagers experience, True Beauty can sometimes both be heart-wrenching and heartwarming.

All the beautiful faces

Yes, we are talking about Cha Eun-woo, who starred as Lee Su-ho. If there’s one reason you should watch True Beauty, again and again, it’s for Cha Eun-woo’s pretty face.

We are often enamored by Korean dramas for the cast’s excellent portrayal, but, admittedly it’s also for their pretty faces.

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