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Advantages of Teleconsultation

Let’s be honest, having a doctor’s appointment is not something we all look forward to. Aside from thinking about our health, we also dread devoting at least half of the day to going to the doctor.

Before the pandemic, you had to consider the time it will take you to go to the hospital or your doctor’s clinic. Aside from that, you also had to spend hours waiting for your turn to be checked.

That is why through the years different hospitals and medical companies have been trying to address this by introducing Telemedicine which uses technology to connect patients to their doctors.

With the onset of the pandemic a lot of doctors have shifted to online consultations because of the strict lockdown rules.

But as the lockdown progressed and everyone had to adapt to the new normal, both patients and doctors have seen the advantages of teleconsultations, and here are a few:

Convenience – Do you remember when you had to wake up early to avoid rush hour traffic in order to go to the doctor? Sometimes, you also need to take a leave from work.

How about the time when you, or a loved one, really felt sick and the last thing you wanted to do was to go out of the house? With teleconsultation, you can simply book an appointment in the comfort of your own home.

Access to Specialists – There are times when we go to a generalist doctor and then be advised to go to a specialist. This will then entail another appointment that will cost us time and energy.

But with the onset of the pandemic a lot of specialists have also shifted to telemedicine and are now more accessible to patients. In some cases, a generalist doctor can easily do the referral for you.

No Physical Waiting Time – There was a time when waiting three hours for your turn in the doctor’s office was common. But because of teleconsultation, you can use that waiting time to do chores, finish something on your to-do list at work, or simply spend time with your family.

Less Chance of Catching a New Illness – Because of the pandemic, people are more wary of getting an infectious disease. But aside from COVID-19, there are other infectious diseases present in clinics and hospitals that you can get while waiting for your doctor’s appointment.

Catching a new illness can be prevented by teleconsultations because you don’t need to go out of the house and expose yourself unnecessarily.

Now that you know the advantages of teleconsultations, you can easily book your next doctor’s appointment using your phone or computer. Hospitals and clinics have opened online platforms and payment systems that can be navigated by patients online.

But don’t forget that you will also need a fast and reliable Internet connection, such as Smart’s new 5G technology, that can help you book an appointment and consult with your doctor in a clean and seamless way.

Given the advantages of teleconsultation, Smart Communications is ensuring that far flung areas in the country can also have access to such important and convenient services.

Recently, the Smart LTE-powered cell site in the Municipality of Argao, Cebu has been upgraded to Smart 5G. Locals, such as Elena Camson, a dialysis patient, will now find it easier to consult with their community doctor by simply using their phone.

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