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Tech Trends to Embrace when Facing the New Normal

Tech Trends to Embrace when Facing the New Normal

Two years have already passed since the government first enforced a lockdown. Then, so many people had to stay, work, or study at home to minimize the risk of exposure to the virus. However, as we move into the new normal, we must take all we have learned and apply it to whatever we do moving forward. 

We’ve made a list of tech trends that helped families get through the pandemic, which may also help you embrace the new normal. 


COVID-19 undoubtedly changed the way people visited hospitals, especially during the pandemic’s peak. Most consults and regular check-ups were moved online with telehealth or telemedicine. Through telemedicine, patients can have a virtual consultation or check-up through the hospital or doctor’s choice of software. The best part, most are available and accessible through smartphones. 

There are also medical apps that connect patients to doctors so they can schedule a teleconsult like these Department of Health (DOH) accredited teleconsult apps: SeeYouDoc, CloudPX, or HealthNow PH.

The DOH also requests the public to maximize the use of telemedicine, especially when cases are not urgent. Practicing this helps prevent overcrowding in hospitals so our healthcare workers can prioritize those with critical needs.

Mercury Drug has also announced that instead of going to physical drugstores, you can message them through Viber to order medicines and have them picked up via courier services like Grab and Lalamove.

Online Meeting Tools

Video conferencing apps like Zoom and Google Meet helped almost everybody who had to stay at home for work or education by helping provide businesses and schools with an online meeting place. As a result, conversations continued, classes were held, and sharing was made easier. 

However, even with the easing of lockdown protocols and the returning of remote workers back to their respective offices, video conferencing might still be a thing in the coming years. However, video conferencing might be troubling for some because of too much noise, cluttered houses, choppy networks, or simply staying concentrated. Good thing some apps help with these problems. Use Krisp or Cadmus for noise-cancellation, ChromaCam or ManyCam for virtual backgrounds, Panopto or ScreenApp for recording meetings, and Grain or Evernote for taking notes.

New Normal Entertainment

With all the time that most of us had to spend at home, we had to find ways to stay entertained. So, some started playing mobile games like Among Us, Mobile Legends, or League of Legends. Others held watch parties with Netflix or Viu, had fun karaoke nights at home, or put on a cooking show where friends could share recipes.

But currently, the world is now more open. You may now go out and do your karaoke nights outside, play bowling with your family, ride bicycles with friends, go to public parks and museums, or simply eat out. 

However, it’s important to note that COVID-19 is still out there. Another surge may occur once people stop following the minimum health protocols established by the DOH and DTI for public establishments. 

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects designed to connect to the internet and allow them to communicate with each other. These gadgets are typically called smart devices. There is a wide range of smart devices and appliances, including televisions, refrigerators, speakers, light bulbs, thermostats, computers, tablets, smartphones, and even trash cans. 

IoT is what allows you to interact with your family and friends virtually. You can also control your smart devices and appliances over the internet with this technology. The technology is how you get to tell Alexa to turn on the lights, ask Siri to turn on your TV, or ask Google to open your smart curtain. 

If you’re planning on building or converting your current home to a smart home, consider buying smart plugs or sockets. With smart plugs or sockets, you can control your previous appliances without the need for those appliances to be smart—control when to turn on your regular fan, humidifier, or candle warmers through the smart plug. You may also want to buy a Smart TV to watch your favorite shows on a bigger screen, a smart light bulb to manage your lights without getting up, and a smart coffee machine to wake up to freshly brewed coffee every morning. 

To level up your home even further, consider installing smart temperature sensors, automated home disinfection, and automatic alcohol dispensers to be more prepared as you go ahead and face the new normal.

5G Internet

5G is the 5th Generation of mobile networks. 5G wireless technology is designed to deliver peak data rates of up to 20 Gbps, compared to 4G LTE’s peak of around 100 MBPS. With a higher capability of delivering fast data networks, 5G boasts lower latency with a more reliable internet connection and a bigger bandwidth when compared to 4G. 

With 5G Internet, families can enjoy everything mentioned above. Download your favorite Netflix movies or series in less than a minute, go on your teleconsult through Zoom or your choice of medical apps without any internet delays, or play any games you want with zero lags. You get to stay connected with your family and friends, and you also maintain safety by doing everything from the comforts of your own home.

In the Philippines, 5G covered areas are steadily increasing. In a few years, the whole country will be reaping the benefits of having the fastest data network ever. 

Smart 5G has been proven to offer the fastest 5G internet connection in the country during the first half of 2021, according to Ookla. Get your Smart 5G sim now in retailers nationwide, or check if your existing Smart sim is capable of 5G by texting SIMCHECK to 5832 for free. 

Download the GigaLife app now and subscribe to amazing 5G data promos so you can stay connected with your family and friends and continue embracing the new normal.

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