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Best Practices to Remember for the Elections

Best Practices to Remember for the Elections

To vote is to exercise our right to create a lasting change in our country. As this will be one of the most significant events of the year, it’s important to come prepared. Let this be your guide for Election Day to ensure that your vote is counted and that you remain safe and healthy throughout the process.

Don’t forget to bring the essentials

Before you go out to your respective precincts, check your bags and wallet and be sure that you have what you need to be eligible to vote.

  • Valid ID or Voter’s ID
  • Alcohol/hand sanitizer
  • Face mask
  • Ballpen

This election will be different from any previous elections because of the new standard health protocols to protect individuals from COVID-19. As much as possible, do not remove your masks during the voting process, and always sanitize your hands anytime you can.

Leave the items featuring candidates at home

The campaign period is over, and it’s irresponsible to show your support for a candidate during the voting process. Wear a neutral-colored shirt instead, such as white or black, when you leave home. Make sure that you’re also not wearing anything printed with any candidates’ names; this includes ballers, stickers, fans, or flyers. 

Shade your ballots properly

You need to make sure that your vote will be counted. The voting ballots are being counted electronically and by hand for a fair election, but they will only count the votes with ballots that have been shaded thoroughly and adequately. 

  • Only use the marking pen that is provided

When you get seated to vote, you will be given a standard marking pen that you must use for shading. You may not use your own pen or marker to shade the ballot.

  • Shade the ovals completely

Try not to leave any white spots in the ovals next to the candidate’s name. Every ballot needs to be shaded properly and in full.

  • Avoid overvoting

It goes without saying that you must read your ballots carefully to avoid overvoting. Extra marks or indications of erasures may void your vote. 

Do not take photos

It is illegal to take a photo of your ballot and your voter’s receipt. To make sure that you are following protocols, keep your phone in your pocket or your bag until you submit your ballot.

Steps to follow during election day

According to data provided by the COMELEC, this year’s election will be historic in having around seven million first-time registered voters. As the youth moves to become this election’s game-changers, it is understandable that most will have questions on what to do during voting day. Follow these steps along with the best practices to feel at ease when you’re in the area.

  1. Have your temperature checked
  2. Go to the Voter’s Assistance Desk
  3. Introduce yourself to the Electoral Board
  4. Get your voting ballot, folder, pen
  5. Accomplish shading your ballot
  6. Feed the ballot into the vote-counting machine
  7. Check and deposit your voters’ receipt
  8. Have your fingers marked with indelible ink
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