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Shop Smart: Check Out These 5 Awesome Home Improvement Buys Below P3000

Check Out These 5 Great Home Improvement Buys Below P3000

Make your living space more conducive to work, play, and recharge with these five awesome online deals under P3000, perfect for smart buyers on a budget. 

A Book Station to Elevate Your Work Environment 

Get this at edamama for P2,600.00.

Elevate your space with a nook where you can store and easily get books and documents for work or school.

Bookcases and shelves will not only give you more storage space, but they can also function as focal points or dividers to distinguish your workstation from the rest of the house. 

After a Hard Day’s Work, Unwind with a Scented Candle 

Grab this at edamama for P299.00 only 

Unwind after a hard day’s work with a scented candle carrying the refreshing flavors of cucumber and melon, with some hints of musk, wood, and fresh green mid notes.

Use it with a candle warmer for a good night’s sleep, so you can wake up the next day—refreshed, relaxed, and energized. 

Relax Under a Soft Jersey Blanket after a Hard Day’s Work

Get one at edamama for only P1,550.00.

Here’s something for bedroom movie nights with the family.

Jersey blankets can give you both the benefit of a relaxing snuggle against a blanket during warmer nights, while at the same time, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Treat Your Family to Healthy and Fresh Home-Cooked Meals with an Airfryer 

Available at edamama for P1,599.20.

Treat your family to fresh and delicious fried meals—minus loads of oil with this easy-to-use appliance. 

Make the Most of Online Activities with a Fast and Reliable Online Connection

Get a Smart Bro Prepaid Home WiFi at 50% off at the Smart Store.

Enjoy life with your family even more by getting a fast and reliable connection for those movie nights, TikTok sessions, or even karaoke parties. 

Excited to start organizing and elevating your space?

You’re in for a treat because Smart makes purchasing these great buys easier.

Edamama discount vouchers will be given to Smart Online Store users, who will pay online and purchase select Prepaid Home WiFi devices at the Smart Online Store.

As an additional bonus, some participating prepaid products are at 50% off now.

Click here to learn more about how to save more by shopping at the Smart Online Store.

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