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Enrich Your 5G Experience By Upgrading to the Smart eSIM

If you don’t use a 5G eSIM with your eSIM-capable phone, you’re not maximizing its capabilities. Enrich your experience and upgrade to a 5G eSIM today.

The world’s moving fast, and one way to ensure we’re not lagging behind is for us to have access to the latest in mobile technology. However, even if you own the newest smartphone, but are not utilizing its most important features like eSIM support and 5G technology, then you’re not really maximizing your device’s capabilities. This will ultimately affect how you interact with your device and the digital world.

Smart has now made their eSIM available to prepaid subscribers, which means that if you own an eSIM-capable phone, it’s in your best interest to upgrade or switch from a physical SIM to a Smart 5G eSIM to unlock the full potential of your device.

Life’s too short for complications

Who needs the hassle of physical SIM cards when eSIMs exist? Switching to an eSIM means you’re saying goodbye to tiny cards and hello to a more streamlined digital experience. 

Not only does it make swapping numbers a breeze, it also allows you to better enjoy features like dual-SIM functionality. On top of this, having a Smart eSIM also frees up the physical SIM slot on your phone for when you use a temporary SIM card during international travel.

Plus, an eSIM makes it amazingly simple and convenient when you decide to upgrade to the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Simply put, using an eSIM just makes life easier.

Full throttle with 5G

eSIMs that allow you to experience 5G are game-changers, built to support a 100 times increase in traffic capacity and data network efficiency. This is far beyond what an older 4G-rated SIM can do.  

Downloading your favorite series in mere seconds, streaming concerts without buffering, and gaming like you’re right there in the action are all possible thanks to the limit-pushing capabilities of an eSIM taking advantage of a 5G network.

That said, a 5G-rated phone that is powered by a 4G SIM will only throttle itself and operate at speeds that the SIM can handle.

Effortlessly yours

One of the best things about making the transition to an eSIM is that it’s easy, it’s direct, and it perfectly fits your on-the-go eco-friendly lifestyle. Current Smart subscribers and non-Smart subscribers can now easily switch or upgrade to an eSIM as long as their smartphones support eSIM technology. 

Here’s how you can make the switch to your very own Smart eSIM: 

  1. Visit the Smart Online Store at 
  2. Purchase and check out the Smart Prepaid eSIM
  3. After purchasing, you’ll receive a QR code for your new eSIM
  4. Scan the QR code provided and follow the installation steps (varies by OS)

Already have a physical Smart Prepaid SIM? Follow the steps below to switch to the Smart eSIM while keeping your current mobile number

  1. Visit any Smart Store nationwide to apply.
  2. Present the following requirements:
  • A valid government ID
  • The existing physical SIM you want to upgrade
  • Valid email address*

*Your email address is where the Smart eSIM QR will be sent.

The store frontliner will guide you through the process.

  1. Once your upgrade is approved, settle the payment at the store.
  2. Receive the QR code of your new eSIM via email.
  3. Scan the QR using your eSIM-compatible smartphone to activate.

Live more today by upgrading to a Smart eSIM

The future of mobile technology is here, and it’s not just about having the latest gadget, but also about making sure you have everything you need to maximize its capabilities. Whether you’re rocking an iPhone 15 or capturing moments with your VIVO Y72, shifting to an eSIM ensures that you can step confidently into a future where technology serves you better.

If you haven’t paired your eSIM-capable smartphone with a 5G-rated eSIM yet, make sure you visit the Smart Online Store today!

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