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Switching to eSIM? Here’s How You Can Keep Your Current Number

Changing networks and even just SIMs used to be a cumbersome process because of all the tedious tasks that came with updating your number. Fortunately, Smart has now made it possible for mobile users to upgrade their physical SIMs to its new prepaid eSIM while keeping their current numbers. 

Even non-Smart subscribers can make the switch to Smart Prepaid and upgrade their physical SIMs to an eSIM while keeping their existing numbers, thanks to MNP or Mobile Number Portability

Whether you’re a current Smart user or a non-Smart subscriber, upgrading to a Prepaid eSIM is easy. Just follow these steps! 

Current Smart subscribers

  1. Visit any Smart Store nationwide to apply.
  2. Present the following requirements:
  • A valid government ID
  • The existing physical SIM you want to upgrade
  • Valid email address

Your email address is where the Smart eSIM QR will be sent.

The store frontliner will guide you through the process.

  1. Once your upgrade is approved, settle the payment at the store.
  2. Receive the QR code of your new eSIM via email.
  3. Scan the QR using your eSIM-compatible smartphone to activate.

Non-Smart subscribers

  1. Request for Unique Subscriber Code (USC) from current network provider.
  2. Visit the nearest Smart Store to apply for porting to Smart Prepaid.
  3. Fill out the necessary Smart forms and present the following requirements:
  • Current non-Smart SIM/Mobile number
  • Unlocked eSIM-capable device
  • Valid Government ID
  • Valid email address

Your email address is where the Smart eSIM QR will be sent.

  1. Once approved, a temporary Smart SIM will be provided for you to activate and register your mobile number with Smart.
  2. Receive your Smart Prepaid eSIM QR Code via email.

If you’d like to get a new number for your eSIM, you can get one delivered digitally via email, just buy your eSIM here for P99.

Why upgrade to an eSIM with Smart

Switching to an eSIM offers various benefits. By using an eSIM for your primary number, you free up your smartphone’s physical SIM card slot for a secondary SIM and number. This can come in handy when you travel to other countries and have to purchase a local SIM. Additionally, some smartphones support more than one eSIM so you’ll have more options for multiple SIMs on one device.

Shifting to an eSIM also makes upgrading your device easier by removing the extra step of transferring your physical SIM card to your new smartphone. You can simply remove/delete your eSIM from your old device and scan your eSIM QR code. 

Best of all, you can subscribe to Smart’s amazing Prepaid promos. Depending on your needs, you may choose from Smart’s Magic Data and Magic Data+ for no-expiry data, Power All for big data allocation and unli TikTok, and other data and call/text promos. Upgrade to the Smart Prepaid eSIM today!

Additional Tips

Make sure to check for device compatibility and ensure your smartphone supports eSIM technology. Here is a list of eSIM-capable devices:

Apple iPhone 11
Apple iPhone 11 ProHUAWEI P40 / P40 Pro
Apple iPhone 11 Pro MaxHUAWEI Mate P40 Pro
Apple iPhone 12SAMSUNG Galaxy Fold
Apple iPhone 12 miniSAMSUNG Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
Apple iPhone 12 ProSAMSUNG Galaxy Note20 5G
Apple iPhone 12 Pro MaxSAMSUNG Galaxy S20
Apple iPhone 13SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 Ultra
Apple iPhone 13 miniSAMSUNG Galaxy S20+
Apple iPhone 13 ProSAMSUNG Galaxy S21 5G
Apple iPhone 13 Pro MaxSAMSUNG Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
Apple iPhone 14SAMSUNG Galaxy S21+ 5G
Apple iPhone 14 PlusSAMSUNG Galaxy S22 5G
Apple iPhone 14 ProSAMSUNG Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G
Apple iPhone 14 Pro MaxSAMSUNG Galaxy S22+ 5G
Apple iPhone 15SAMSUNG Galaxy S23
Apple iPhone 15 ProSAMSUNG Galaxy S23 Ultra
Apple iPhone 15 Pro MaxSAMSUNG Galaxy S23+
Apple iPhone SE (2020)SAMSUNG Galaxy S24
Apple iPhone XRSAMSUNG Galaxy S24 Ultra
Apple iPhone XSSAMSUNG Galaxy S24+
Apple iPhone XS MaxSAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip SM-F700F/DS
 SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip3 5G
 SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip4
 SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip5
 SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold2 5G SM-F916B/DS
 SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold3 5G
 SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold4
 SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold5
Oppo Find X3
Oppo Find X3 Pro
Find N2 Flip
Oppo Reno 5A
Oppo Reno 6 Pro 5G
Oppo Reno 9A
Oppo Find X5
Oppo Find X5 Pro
Oppo A55s 5G
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