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Let Go of Your Old and Broken Devices: Recycle with Smart

Let Go of Your Old and Broken Devices: Recycle with Smart

As technology continues to evolve, our consumption and usage of electronics also adapt and grow in parallel. Most of us would go for the latest devices because they allow us to experience digital connectivity at its best. A lot of us would also go on owning multiple devices – with each one serving specific functions and fulfilling our multi-faceted digital lifestyles.

But as we consume more and more electronics, we also get to generate more waste in the process. When we change our devices and upgrade to new ones, or when we do hand-me-downs, we often discard our old devices or keep them stalled in storage for a long time. This kind of cycle leads us all to contribute to the mounting problem of electronic waste or e-waste.

Consequently, did you know that the Philippines is among the top e-waste generators in Southeast Asia? While this tells how much our country has been advancing in terms of digital adoption, it also leads up to a whole range of issues when e-waste is not managed properly. 

E-waste needs to be properly treated, stored, and disposed to avoid contributing to various environmental and societal problems, including the spread of diseases, climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss. We also lose opportunities to provide people with livelihood and spare our planet’s minerals and resources from getting depleted.

Be Kind. Recycle. your E-waste with Smart

Do you still have those old and broken electronics lying around, collecting dust, or forgotten in storage at home? It’s time to let go of them!

As an act of kindness for ourselves, for other people, and for the planet, Smart is advocating for the proper disposal and recycling of our e-waste. While enjoying 5G connectivity and  our digital lifestyles, let us not forget to bid proper and responsible goodbye to our good old devices.  

Here are several good reasons why you should let go and recycle your e-waste with Smart:

1. Decluttering

First, you get to declutter your home and use valuable storage space in cabinets and drawers on new or more important things. You also make room for newer and better devices that help improve the efficiency of your network experience and improve your connection speeds.

2. Convenience

All you need to do is drop off your old devices and broken electronics in the Be Kind. Recycle. e-waste bins located in the following Smart Stores:

  • Experience Hub RCB
  • Experience Hub Robinsons Galleria
  • Experience Hub Robinsons Magnolia
  • Experience Hub Robinsons Place Manila
  • Experience Hub Smart Tower
  • Experience Hub Vertis North
  • Experience Hub Festival Mall
  • Smart Store Rockwell
  • Smart Store SM Baguio
  • Smart Store SM Megamall
  • Smart Store SM North Edsa
  • Smart Store SM San Lazaro
  • Smart Store SM Southmall

Smart is also continuously working with various schools, public spaces, and commercial establishments within Luzon and Metro Manila to add more collection points and make e-waste recycling accessible to more customers and communities.

The following e-waste items are accepted:

  • Telephones
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Routers/mesh devices
  • Modems
  • Laptops
  • Hard drives
  • Gaming consoles
  • Powerbanks
  • LAN cables
  • Batteries
  • Remote controls
  • Chargers
  • USBs
  • Power adaptors

3. Data Privacy

Smart encourages you to delete all data and reset your device to factory settings before disposal.

In case you are unable to do so, Smart works with a number of accredited e-waste recyclers and seeks assurance that every storage device does not get exposed to unauthorized access and tampering as part of the proper disposal and recycling process.

As such, you won’t have to worry about the data on your old devices being accessed and leaked!

4. Economic Boost

Proper e-waste disposal also helps create more jobs, generates livelihood, and boosts the circular economy.

In the Philippines, there is already a growing number of circularity-focused startups and enterprises with unique e-waste recycling models. These generate increased employment opportunities–from collectors who gather the e-waste, to specialists who safely dispose of or recycle materials found in e-waste.

As as increasing number of people take proper e-waste disposal seriously, more e-waste disposal companies are sure to sprout up, which leads to the creation of even more jobs. This can also lead to indirect job creation in supporting industries, such as transportation and machinery manufacturing, further enhancing its positive impact on the economy. Managing e-waste properly is a shared responsibility. Everyone, from individual consumers to corporations, has a role to play in ensuring that our electronic waste does not harm the environment and our health.  If you have any old mobile devices, routers, USBs, power adaptors, and the like lying around at home, make sure you bring it to your nearest participating Smart Store branch.

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