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Life is All Roses with Panagbenga and Other Festivals This Feb and Mar

Life is All Roses with Panagbenga and Other Festivals This Feb and Mar

In the Philippines, every year is a celebration. In 2024, dive deep into our rich culture and history by visiting some of the country’s most colorful festivals. February and March offer an exciting chance to explore some amazing and lively festivals, many of which are within driving distance of the nation’s capital. Here are some of them:

February Festivals

1. Baguio Flower Festival (Panagbenga)

Baguio’s Flower Festival, also known as Panagbenga, is an annual celebration held every February in the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”. The festival, whose name translates to “season of blooming”, lasts for a month and features a grand parade of floral floats, traditional dances, and a bustling food street. It serves as both a tribute to the city’s vibrant flower industry and as a reminder of the resilient spirit of the Cordilleran people. In 2024, the grand opening day parade and ceremony will be held on February 3.

2. Mahaguyog Festival

In the province of Sto. Tomas, Batangas, the Mahaguyog Festival is a unique week-long celebration that takes place in the last week of February until early March. This agricultural festival combines the town’s three main products: corn, coconut, and coffee. The festival highlights include a colorful street dancing competition and a float parade displaying their local produce, demonstrating the town’s agricultural pride and creativity.

3. Bikol Arts Festival

Down south in Naga City, Camarines Sur, the Bikol Arts Festival is a month-long celebration of visual and performing arts that showcases the creative talents of Bicolanos. From regional film screenings and art exhibits to musical and dance performances, the festival is a cultural treat that proudly displays the artistic prowess of the region.

March Festivals

1. Moriones Festival

As we move into March, we find ourselves riding a ferry to get to the island province of Marinduque, home to the Moriones Festival. This week-long celebration during Holy Week is famous for its costumed participants, known as “Morions”, who wear Roman soldier costumes in honor of the biblical character Longinus. In 2024, Holy Week begins on March 24, with the Moriones Festival typically starting on Palm Sunday and culminating on Easter Sunday.

2. Centurion Festival

In General Luna, Quezon, the Centurion Festival is celebrated every Good Friday, which falls on March 29 in 2024. This festival is believed to have inspired the Moriones Festival in Marinduque. During the festival, residents dress up as Roman centurions, reenacting scenes from the Passion of Jesus. It’s a deeply spiritual event that attracts both local and foreign tourists, providing a unique perspective on the community’s faith and traditions.

3. Ligao Sunflower Festival

Finally, we head over to Ligao City in Albay for the Ligao Sunflower Festival. Held in the third week of March, the festival is a celebration of the city’s agricultural industry. The city transforms into a sea of yellow as sunflowers bloom en masse. Visitors can enjoy sunflower picking activities, local food, and cultural presentations, making it a vibrant end to the festive season. For 2024, the Ligao Sunflower Festival will kick off on March 24.

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