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New MMORPG Crystal of Atlan Offers Closed Beta Test to PH Gamers

New MMORPG Crystal of Atlan Offers Closed Beta Test to PH Gamers

Crystal of Atlan, the new MMORPG that many gamers have been looking forward to, is now finally available for closed beta testing. Gamers from the UK, Canada, and the Philippines can be one of the first to try out the game for themselves.

What is Crystal of Atlan?

Crystal of Atlan is a Free-to-Play Action MMORPG from ByteDance or, to quote the game’s website, a “Magipunk Action MMORPG” that will be released for both PC and Mobile while allowing crossplay between those platforms. It features an anime-style aesthetic paired with a smooth fast-paced combat system that is sure to excite many players. 

Set in the world of Atlan where both magic and machinery coexist, Crystal of Atlan will let you explore beautiful environments while battling some of the most challenging foes. You start the game as one of four starting Classes: 

  • Swordsman – excels in close combat using strength and agility
  • Puppeteer – utilizes a Marionette to deal destructive yet precise damage to enemies
  • Musketeer – punishes the wicked through excellent gunplay
  • Magister – uses magic to smite those in his way. 

Each of these Classes branches into two Special Classes – the Swordsman can turn into a Magiblade or Berserker, the Puppeteer into a Scytheguard or Blademaiden, the Musketeer into a Gunner or Bounty Hunter, and the Magister into an Elementalist or Warlock. 

This feature gives you a grand total of 12 classes with each one sporting its own playstyle and flow that will let you take on huge battles alongside other players.

The Next Big Game

A lot of eyes are on Crystal of Atlan right as plenty of gamers have been looking for the next big anime-style game that can match or surpass the bar that titles like Genshin Impact have set. And so far, Crystal of Atlan is looking quite promising. 

The game features beautiful aesthetics and smooth gameplay animations while boasting a combat system that’s intense and fast-paced without being overwhelmingly complicated. Combining the classes with the game’s skill and equipment system allows for various possible playstyles which can shine well in many scenarios.

Crystal of Atlan commenced their closed beta for Android in the UK, Canada, and the Philippines in December 2023. You will need to opt-in to the beta first by filling out this survey. Be sure to properly indicate your location to qualify for the beta.

Get Ready to Play

Crystal of Atlan is expected to work well with any current mid-range to flagship smartphones, as the majority of mid-range smartphones released in 2023 are fitted with very capable chipsets. Phones that come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 series chipsets like the OPPO Reno8 T 5G and the vivo V29e should be able to run the game with constant frame rates at low-to-medium graphic settings.

Smartphones with more powerful chipsets like a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and higher should run through the game with much ease at high to ultra graphic settings. For games like Crystal of Atlan, make sure to have at least 8GB of RAM to help support your chipset. The more RAM your phone can utilize, the less lags and graphical stutter you will experience. Smart offers a slew of mid-range to flagship devices that can cater to your gaming needs and budget so that you can comfortably play Crystal of Atlan. Make sure to check out Smart’s Signature+ Plans that come with your choice of device, unli all-net calls and texts, unli landline calls, and big data allocation for all your gaming needs.

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