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Now is the Best Time to Go Cashless

These days, having an e-wallet has become the norm, with many choosing cashless transactions over paying in cash.

It’s not only practical and hassle-free, settling bills with just a few taps on your phone is safer, too, especially with the ongoing pandemic.

Studies have shown an increase in the number of users opting for digital payments whether it’s paying utility bills, groceries, and other deliveries given the limitations imposed by quarantine protocols.

Highly encouraged, cashless transactions help restrict contact between people, minimizing the need to leave the house to settle payments like we used to.

You might be wondering – is going cashless really safe? With your personal information and hard-earned money easily accessible online, wouldn’t it be prone to hacking?

There’s no need to worry, different types of security protocols like encryption and multi factor authentication make cashless transactions not only convenient but secure, too.

If you haven’t switched yet, here are more reasons why you should do it now:

It’s convenient

Since you can easily pay using your phone, there’s no need to carry cash and prepare loose change for small purchases.

It also eliminates the need to line up for ATM withdrawals or visiting your bank to get the money you need.

It’s secure and offers protection

Some are concerned about transitioning to cashless transactions due to privacy and technical issues that often happen online.

You can rest easy knowing that digital payments have levels of encryption and authentication that help keep your information safe. There are even some that follow a two-step authentication process to guarantee security. 

It allows you to track your spending

Handling cash means taking note of every peso you spend by keeping a record on your phone or by jotting it down in a notebook.

When you go cashless, your chosen payment mode or app can help keep track of your spending and easily show it to you via transaction history.

You can see whether you’ve received or spent money within a given timeframe by simply setting the date range on your app. 

It offers discounts and freebies

To encourage cashless transactions, some businesses and even the apps you use offer incentives to those who pay online.

Whether it’s in the form of vouchers or discounts from purchases, those who opt for cashless payment can save money or accumulate points they can use for future transactions.

It has a lower risk of losing money

In an event of losing access to your mobile wallet or phone, you can easily have it blocked or temporarily locked remotely to keep your funds secure. Also, banks and online stores offer reversal of charges once they have investigated and determined that fraudulent transactions have been made.

This offers peace of mind compared to carrying cash and having it stolen in which case you have less chances of getting your money back. 

It helps minimize contact

With the threat of the Delta variant of COVID-19 and the continuous increase in the number of positive cases, it’s better to get things done from the comfort of your home.

Since we will be under enhanced community quarantine once again, going cashless is a welcome alternative that can enable us to get access to what we need while ensuring our health and safety.

Shopping and food delivery apps such as MetroMart, Grab, and Foodpanda support cashless transactions, allowing you to link your e-wallet or cards to the app so you can pay for your orders with ease.

Some of these platforms even offer discounts to those who choose mobile payment.

Also, utility companies have transitioned to paperless billing, letting you settle monthly dues online or on your smartphone. 

Mobile payment options, such as Smart GigaPay, offer a better and safer way to accomplish tasks without the need to line up or leave the house, ultimately minimizing the risk of getting sick.

If you’re ready to go cashless, choose a platform or an app that’s easy to use, allows you to integrate e-wallets for a seamless experience, and offers exclusive rewards so you don’t have to worry if you have enough cash again.

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