How to Activate Your Smart Prepaid and TNT Roaming 

To activate International Roaming, Smart Prepaid, and TNT, subscribers should text ROAM ON and send it to 333 before leaving the Philippines. When you land in your destination country, read your SMS from SMART for service updates. 



To pre-book a data roaming pack, go to the GigaRoam website. The website lists all roaming promos available in the country you plan to visit. Select the country and click Continue to start. 




Upon returning to the Philippines, Smart Prepaid and TNT subscribers should text ROAM OFF and send it to 333 upon arriving in the Philippines. This is so that you can subscribe to local prepaid offers and promos.   




If you are already outside the Philippines and need to activate your roaming service, reach out to us through our Contact Support page, You may also call our toll-free roaming hotline at +63288488878.