What is Smart Prepaid Auto-Renewal Service?

Auto-renewal service offers convenience to Smart subscribers by ensuring seamless subscription to Prepaid promos. For a hassle-free experience, auto-renewal requires just a sufficient fund balance. This guide offers insights into auto-renewal, detailing eligibility, offer availability, and management.

What is auto-renewal?

Auto-renewal is the automatic re-subscription to an offer upon its expiry to ensure a seamless experience for Prepaid subscribers. Auto-renewal requires the fund source to have sufficient balance for renewal service to continue.

Who can avail of the auto-renewal service?

Smart Prepaid, TNT, Smart Bro, and Prepaid Home WiFi subscribers with sufficient balance can avail of selected offers with the Auto-Renewal service.

How can I avail of offers with auto-renewal?

You can avail of auto-renewal offers using Load (including Promo Load) either via the Smart App, *123#, and selected apps selling load (e.g. Maya, GCash).

Selected offers available via retailers/sari-sari stores are also auto-renew enabled. When you buy the said offers from these channels, the offer will auto-renew using load as the default fund source.

How will I know if my offer is on auto-renewal?

You may check the status via the steps below:

  • When using the Smart App, the offer will have an “Auto-Renew” indicator beside the offer name.
  • When dialing *123#, you will be able to see all offers with auto-renewal that you have availed under “Bal:Svcs” > select “Manage Auto-Renew”.

Can I avail of more than one auto-renewing offer at the same time?

Yes, you may choose to avail of more than one auto-renewing offer.

What if I only want the offer that’s NOT on auto-renewal?

You may still avail of the non-auto-renewing offer via the Smart App by turning off Auto-Renew upon availing of the offer.

Can I avail of both non-auto-renew and auto-renew of the same offer at the same time?

Yes, you may avail of both non-auto-renew and auto-renew variants of the same offer. Inclusions shall be added up and the expiry of the auto-renew offer shall be applied.

Will I be notified before the offer auto-renews?

Yes, you will receive auto-renewal reminders via Smart App notification and SMS. Depending on the validity of the offer, you may receive all or some of the below reminders:

  • 3 days before the renewal date
  • 2 days before the renewal date
  • 24 hours before the renewal time
  • 3 hours before the renewal time

What if I still have unused data during my auto-renewal schedule?

Any unused data will be rolled over to your next subscription if auto-renewal is successful.

What if I don’t have enough balance during my auto-renewal schedule?

The offer will no longer auto-renew if your balance is insufficient. You will need to avail of the offer again once auto-renew stops.

To ensure successful auto-renewal of your favorite offer, always check if your load balance is sufficient.

Can I use Promo Load for auto-renewal service?

Yes, you can use your Promo Load as a fund source for auto-renewal service.

Can I use other fund sources like e-wallets, credit cards, or debit cards for auto-renewal service?

For now, only Load is available as a fund source for auto-renewal service. Soon additional fund sources will be added for your convenience.

How do I stop the auto-renewal of offers?

You may stop the auto-renewal of offers via the steps below:

  • Open the Smart App, then click the Auto-Renew button on the dashboard or the Manage link in Check Usage.
  • Dial *123# > select “Bal:Svcs” > select “Manage Auto-Renew” > then select the offer to stop the auto-renewal service.

Subscription to the offer will continue and all remaining offer inclusions will still be usable until the offer’s expiry date.