SMART Signature services continue to expand to give subscribers the best entertainment and productivity experience.

Especially now, during an age where we transition to work-from-home and remote activities, we want our Smart Signature Plans to cater to our subscribers’ ever-changing needs.

If you have a SMART Signature Postpaid Plan and would like to renew it, SMART makes it easy for you to do so through these channels.

Renew Your plan via the Smart Online Store

1. Go to the Smart Online Store

  • Go to the Smart Online Store and click Plan Renewal.
  • Log in with your My Smart account, go to My Account, and select the Postpaid Account that you want to renew.
  • Under Services, click “My Services & Usage.”
  • Click “Renew Plan” beside the subscription or plan you currently have.

2. Select your desired postpaid plan package

You’ll be able to see other plan options should you wish to upgrade.

Select your preferred choice. You can also select “Browse All Plans.”

  • After choosing your desired plan, select your device.
  • Select your desired options for your SIM.
  • Proceed to checkout.

3. Submit your application after providing the requirements

  • Upload proof of your identity, then click continue.
  • Verify with your email address and input the OTP.
  • Input your shipment method.
  • Choose your delivery address, then click validate. Click save and continue to the next step.
  • Click proceed.
  • Review your order summary.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions and then upload your signature.
  • Click “Submit Application.”

4. Wait for the email confirmation and settle the required payment

You will receive a notification via email of your approval.

Afterward, log in again to the SMART online store.

  • Click Pay, then choose your payment method.
  • Continue, then select “Pay now.”
  • A confirmation of your payment should be displayed after you submit your details.

5. Wait for a Welcome Message from Smart

Once everything is settled, you will receive a confirmation message from Smart once your plan is renewed.


Renew Your Smart Signature Plan by Visiting the Nearest SMART Store

1. Locate the nearest SMART store and book an appointment

If you prefer to have your postpaid plan renewed in person, you can find the nearest SMART store in your area through this link:

  • You can either opt for an in-store appointment or a virtual appointment.

2. Prepare these requirements

How to Know if You can Renew Your Smart Signature Plan

To see if you are eligible to request a renewal or an upgrade to your plan, here’s a checklist to be sure of your contract status:

  • If you are out of contract.
  • If you only have 1-5 months remaining on your 24-month contract
  • If you only have 1-3 months remaining on your 12-month contract.

Note that if you avail of early plan renewal, your remaining months will be transferred to your new contract term.

You will also not be allowed to downgrade your plan as this will entail settlement of Commitment Charges (also known as Pre-termination Fee/PTF).

Should you wish to downgrade, please wait until your contract expires.

You can check the website for more information on SMART Signature services and other plans that may be perfect for you.