How to Set Up Your Smart Bro Pocket WiFi

Ready to kickstart your Smart Bro Pocket WiFi experience? We’ve got all the steps for you—from inserting your SIM card to managing your account with the Smart App.

Step 1: Insert the Smart Bro SIM on your phone and go to to register your SIM. Finish the registration process and wait for the confirmation message.

Step 2: Insert the Smart Bro SIM and turn on your Smart Bro Pocket WiFi device.

Step 3: Connect your smartphone to the Pocket WiFi.

Step 4: Download the Smart App via Google Play, Apple App Store or Huawei AppGallery.

Step 5: Ensure you are still connected to the Pocket WiFi signal. Open the Smart App. The Smart App will automatically detect your Smart Bro number.

Select “Sign Up” to enroll your Smart Bro number and manage your account in the Smart App.

Here are some key features of the Smart App

  • Add load & check usage
  • Link accounts
  • Buy Promos
  • Earn points & redeem rewards

Make sure to add a secondary mobile number to receive essential SMS notifications about your Smart Bro Pocket WiFi.

Step 6: Click the “CHECK USAGE” icon on your Smart Bro account page to see more details of your initial load.

Get more data by selecting promos within the tiles listed below. UNLI DATA will not work on other devices, including home WiFi routers.

Reminder: Your Smart Bro Prepaid SIM gets permanently disconnected after 120 days of zero load or promo subscription. Remember to reload to avoid the deactivation of your account. Use the Smart App to add load or visit any Smart retailer or load channel near you.

Step 7: Visit on your browser. Use “smartbro” as both the username and password to log in. From here, you can check your SMS and update your Smart Bro Pocket WiFi’s name and password. Check out this guide for more information.

Learn more about Smart Bro’s latest devices and data promos here.