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Running a Business From Home Just Got Easier With Smart Plan 999

Running a Business From Home Just Got Easier With Smart Plan 999

Running a business from home is a dream for many. But as one who’s “living the dream”, you know that it is also fraught with challenges. In particular, you need to constantly watch your budget and manage your cash flow closely as you continue to build your profit. This is why it’s very important to use only the most reliable services that give you your money’s worth. 

One of the non-negotiables in running a home business is excellent connectivity. You need a reliable network to communicate with clients and suppliers, conduct online transactions, market your business online, and so on. To this end, Smart Plan999 gives you a ton of benefits that can translate into gains for your business.

Value for money

Smart’s Postpaid Plan 999 comes with 20 GB data, UNLI 5G for 12 months, UNLI mobile calls and texts to all networks, and UNLI landline calls—all for only P999 per month. If you need more data, you can easily top up with Smart Postpaid Add-ons

All these give you convenient options to communicate with customers and suppliers anytime you need to. You can also access cloud-based services even while on the go, including your financial and sales data and online marketplace accounts. You can do financial planning, upload a photo on your social media accounts, or reply to clients’ queries even while on the go.

As a bonus, Plan 999 also gives you access to the latest Netflix content with no added fees. So on days when you need a breather, you only need to reach for your device and enjoy some much-needed entertainment.

Best and Fastest Network in the Philippines (Based on Ookla awards for 2023 Q1-Q2)  

In July 2023, Ookla named Smart the Best and Fastest Network in the Philippines—a recognition Smart has received for the third consecutive reporting period of Ookla. It’s a feat achieved through years of infrastructure building and careful planning, the results of which Smart subscribers throughout the country now enjoy. As a Smart subscriber, you get peace of mind knowing you’re covered by one of the leading network providers in the Philippines with years of reliable service to their name. 

Best and latest 5G devices

Every investment you make for your business has to provide great value, and that includes your handsets. Just as reliable connectivity is important to your business, so is a device that’s efficient, easy to use, and gives you great flexibility. Slow connectivity, low battery life, poor quality pictures—these become more than ordinary nuisances when a business transaction is on the line.

When it’s time for an upgrade, you may opt for Smart Plan 999 with a device, which includes a new 5G device with a one time cash out. In addition to getting access to the Philippines’ best and fastest network, you can choose from a wide range of handsets to match your budget and preferences. 

With Smart, your handset options include the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models, entry-level devices like the Xiaomi Redmi Note, and a host of other quality mid-range models. You can enjoy the benefits of a new handset with 5G connectivity and enhanced functions at the price you’re most comfortable with. 

Subscribe to Smart Plan 999 for more convenient and affordable business dealings

Growing your business means making smart decisions all the time. Don’t take your network choice and smartphone plan for granted. Choose a provider that has its pulse on what consumers need. Choose Smart and take advantage of Smart Plan 999 to help make your journey to success easier and more hassle-free.

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