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Tips to Become the Best Remote Worker

Tips to Become the Best Remote Worker

As the world becomes digitally interconnected, the way we work has also evolved. From traditional onsite working, remote working setup has become the norm in recent years.

Although most of us have already found our groove, there are some who still need to brush up on their remote working techniques.

Here are a few tips to help you become the best remote worker:

  1. Maintain a fixed working schedule

When working remotely, having a schedule is very important. Not only can you use it to remind you of important tasks, it also helps you maintain work-life balance.

With a fixed working schedule, you can feel more confident that you’ll get to both your office tasks and after-work errands. Even with a remote work setup, being able to do tasks simultaneously and on time is a skill worth mastering.

  1. Use proper Zoom backgrounds

If you have been to multiple video meetings, you know that having a proper virtual background is helpful. 

For one, it makes you focus more by becoming less mindful of your surroundings. In return, your colleagues can focus better when they’re not distracted by what they’re seeing onscreen.

Use professional-looking backgrounds, such as a clean office or a living room with white walls. If your company has an official Zoom background, you may want to use that as well, especially when presenting as a group. 

  1. Use the right productivity apps/tools

To help manage your workload better and increase your efficiency, using the right productivity apps and tools is key. 

  • Slack – a business messaging tool that lets you interact with teammates for a smoother workflow
  • Asana – a project management tool that works great for collaboration; you can easily manage shared tasks, assign collaborators, monitor deadlines, and more
  • DropBox – a file-sharing platform where you can share with your teammates’ big files like videos and images
  • Todoist – a task management tool that allows you to stay on top of all your to-dos

4. Have a backup internet connection

To be the best remote worker, you need a fast and reliable internet connection. Sometimes, however, internet loss happens at the worst moments, so make sure you’re prepared. Here are some backup plans worth exploring.

  • In the event of a power outage, having a power bank and an internet router adapter is essential. With a power bank adapter, you can restore power to your router. You may also want to consider getting a mini power generator so you can charge your work devices and stay connected to the internet for much longer.
  • Use your mobile’s data connection to hotspot your computer or laptop. Consider subscribing to Smart’s Postpaid Plans for reliable monthly data allocations. For Smart Prepaid Subscribers, you may subscribe to PowerAll149 and get 12GB of all-access data valid for 7 days.
  • Buy a prepaid pocket WiFi. Not only portable, Smart Bro Pocket WiFi devices also allow you to enjoy fast internet speeds, long battery lives, and multiple gadget connections.

With the right time management skills, professional outlook, productivity tools, and contingency plans in place, nothing can stop you from fully reaping the benefits of remote working.

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