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Scars Do Run Deep, As Seen in Netflix’s Korean Revenge Drama, “The Glory”

Scars Do Run Deep, As Seen in Netflix’s Korean Revenge Drama, The Glory

Scars Do Run Deep, As Seen in Netflix’s Korean Revenge Drama, “The Glory”

Revenge has always been good fodder for TV and film plots because of the “best served cold” axiom.

The story can span decades, and the person getting revenge can execute their plan when and where the targets least expect it, which makes viewers grip their seats in anticipation of what happens next.

“The Glory” is a revenge-drama series written by Kim Eun Sook starring Song Hye Kyo from “Descendants of the Sun” and Lee Do Hyun from “Sweet Home.”

The series production began in January 2021 and was released at the end of 2022.

With each episode lasting over 60 minutes, the series has been confirmed to be produced for two seasons, each consisting of eight episodes.

As you delve into “The Glory,” here’s a recap of what you need to know about one of Netflix’s most anticipated Korean dramas.

Revenge Never Leads to Anything Good

The Glory tells the story of Moon Dong Eun, a high school student who aspired to become an architect but was forced to drop out of school due to the violent bullying she endured at the hands of her peers.

She eventually finds a job as a homeroom teacher at an elementary school. And as time passes, she learns that the major bully who wrecked her life is now married and has a child who attends the same school.

Constant reminders of what happened to her drive Dong-eun to hatch her plan of retribution against the perpetrators through their child.

Can she exact revenge on the abuser? Or is she dooming herself to self-destruction? The outcome doesn’t appear promising, as it could awaken Moon Dong Eun’s hidden monster again.

Setting the Context  

It was evident in the first episode that what happened to Moon Dong-eun was more than just bullying; it was an out-and-out assault.

It’s extreme to see that, after eighteen years, the mental and physical scars inflicted by Dong-eun’s main bully Park Yeon-jin and company were deep and permanent. And they ultimately got away with it.

Writer Kim Eun-sook wanted viewers to be shocked by what Moon Dong-eun went through so that we would buy into her complex revenge plan. We needed to wrap our heads around that Dong-eun has made it her life’s purpose to get revenge no matter what happens.

There are class issues at play in the series. Though Yeon-jin’s mother is cruel to her daughter, she is still wealthy enough to bribe or influence away all of Yeon-jin’s evil deeds. In contrast, Dong-eun lives in a slum with parents, who find her more of a problem than anything else.

These are the only background details revealed about the rivals – at least in the first episode – but it’s enough.

Dong-eun pulled herself up from pretty desperate circumstances, fueled by the thought of revenge. But that rough upbringing is part of what drives her, too.

Despite the lack of details, The Glory works as a revenge story because audiences are immediately drawn to Dong-eun and want to see her get back at those who scarred her for life.

But will it eventually be revealed whether there is more nuance to Yeon-jin and the other tormentors?

Will they have changed enough for Dong-eun to have second thoughts? Or will they be adult versions of the bullies they were in high school? It should be interesting to see that play out.

Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun Topbill this Drama

Song Hye Kyo is the leading actress playing Moon Dong Eun. Making her Hollywood debut in the movie “Make Yourself At Home,” Song Hye Kyo is currently the highest-paid Korean actress.

She is best known for her role as Kang Mo Yeon in the classic drama “Descendants of the Sun,” but you may recognize her from the films “Soonpoong Clinic,” “Rays of Sunshine,” “Encounter,” and “Autumn Tale.”

In contrast, Lee Do Hyun plays the complex lead role of Joo Yeo Jung. His portrayal as Lee Eun Hyuk in the Netflix drama “Sweet Home” has earned him a dedicated fan base.

The actor’s reputation grew steadily with “Hotel Del Luna,” “Prison Playbook,” “18 Again”, “Beyond Evil,” and “Melancholia.”

Lim Ji Yeon will represent Moon Dong Eun’s former tormentor Park Yeon Jin. While she may not have had many fondly remembered roles for overseas audiences, fans will recognize her as Seoul in “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” and Dam Seo in “The Royal Gambler.”

While these three stars command most of the screen time, Park Sung Hoon, Yeom Hye Ran, and Jung Sung II also have significant roles.

Keep an eye out for the supporting cast, which includes Kim Hieora, Cha Joo Young, Kim Gun Woo, Lee Hae Young, Son Sook, and many more.

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