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Streaming the Yuletide Cheer: Must-Watch Holiday Movies on Netflix

Streaming the Yuletide Cheer: Must-Watch Holiday Movies on Netflix

Christmas is right around the corner, and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than our favorite Christmas movies! Thankfully, Netflix has an extensive catalog of holiday movies all year round which has us spoiled for choice whenever we desire to break out the cornbread and biscuits. Here are five movies you might want to check out on Netflix this holiday season.


The legend of Santa Claus has a variety of interpretations, and Netflix has one that will definitely tug at your heartstrings. You join young Jesper Johanson as he does everything he can to bring some much-needed holiday cheer to the grumpy people of Smeerensburg. He won’t be alone on this snowy journey, as the reclusive and initially reluctant toymaker Klaus breaks out of hiding and shows everyone the true meaning of Christmas with some good, old-fashioned gift-giving. 

The animated film features a star-studded voice cast composed of Jason Schwartzman, J.K. Simmons, Rashida Jones, the late Norm MacDonald, and more. Screenwriter and animator Sergio Pablos makes his directorial debut, and brings us a warm, whimsical tale about friendship and selflessness that perfectly mirrors the way we know jolly old St. Nick. It’s the perfect film for both the young and young-at-heart.

If you’re a fan of fantastical stories based on fairy tales of old, but with a more modern twist, then make sure to put on “Klaus” this holiday season.

Love Hard

Laughter is the best medicine, especially in the presence of your dearest friends. Technology and social media have definitely come a long way, both in providing the best creature comforts and, sadly, the latest tactics in catfishing. “Love Hard” follows Natalie Bauer, portrayed by Nina Dobrev, as she travels all the way from Los Angeles to New York only to discover that she’s been duped on a dating app. 

Josh Lin and Tag Abbott, portrayed by Jimmy O. Yang and Darren Barnett, respectively, find themselves embroiled in a series of hijinks as they both need to find a way to make things right while making sense of what could be a budding romance. The question that remains is, who exactly gets the girl in the end?

Hernán Jiménez brings us a charming holiday rom-com with an interesting premise that hasn’t been seen much in this day and age. With a cast capable of both heartfelt moments and comedic timing, this film could definitely earn a place on your holiday binge list.

Kung-Fu Panda Holiday

We can safely admit that we all love “Kung-Fu Panda”, regardless of the season. It’s a classic franchise that brings action, comedy, and life lessons through smooth animation and spectacular voice acting. It’s timeless, and we’re glad that Netflix has its holiday spin-off.

Our main panda Po finds himself in charge of the annual Winter Feast at the Jade Palace, and all the kung-fu masters from across the land are set to be in attendance. Whenever there’s food, fighting, and the Furious Five involved, you’re guaranteed a good time, along with a few shenanigans. It’s not all fun and games, though. As with all of the Kung-Fu Panda installments, there are lessons to be learned, and emotions to be felt here.

Tim Johnson takes the directing helm along with Jonathan Groff lending his writing skills to create a heartwarming, comedic spin-off to the original franchise. Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, and the rest of the original cast all reprise their roles from the series and give us a much-appreciated nostalgia trip that’s perfect for the holiday season. It’s worth noting that this film will be leaving Netflix by the end of the year, so it’s the perfect time to catch it before it’s gone.

The Christmas Chronicles

The idea of Santa Claus doesn’t exactly bring action and excitement to our minds, but throwing Kurt Russell into the mix might just convince us otherwise. “The Christmas Chronicles” gives us a very modern interpretation of Saint Nick who isn’t afraid of beating the red light, or going through a few sleigh crashes.

Teddy and Kate Pierce find themselves on a Christmas Eve adventure as they, alongside a very real Santa Claus, race against time to get every present delivered to all the deserving boys and girls around the world. We have a light-hearted, yet action-packed flick featuring reindeer, elves, cops, and gangsters, to name a few. With Kurt Russell, Judah Lewis, and Darby Camp portraying our unlikely holiday trio, you have quite the unexpected Christmas Eve celebration.

“The Christmas Chronicles” is directed by Clay Kaytis, and produced by Home Alone’s Chris Columbus and Harry Potter’s Michael Barnathan. That being said, there’s definitely enough magic and mayhem to go around, especially on the night before Christmas.

Family Switch

Jennifer Garner is back at it again. After a magical growth spurt in “13 Going On 30”, and taking part in a bit of time travel in “The Adam Project”, she’s now having a hilarious, holiday-themed out-of-body experience with her entire family.

Suburban couple Jess and Bill go through the usual trials of raising their three kids, CC, Wyatt, and baby Miles. Right before the holidays, they decide to go on a family trip for some much-needed memory making. Little do they know, the memory they’d receive would involve everyone switching bodies with no clue about how to get things back to normal. They have 24 hours to get their own bodies back, and we get a front row seat to all the fun that ensues while they attempt to do so.

Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms portray the perfect, stressed out, middle-aged couple who have to deal with the teenage, growing pains of their lovely kids, played by Emma Myers and Brady Noon. Veteran director Joseph “McG” McGinty Nichol delivers a wily, nostalgic comedy that will teach us a lesson in gratitude while getting a few laughs along the way.

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