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The Future Is Online: How You Can Improve Your Digital Lifestyle

These days, practically everything we do involves a digital component. From attending meetings through laptops to ordering food on our phones, we live in an age in which gadgets are indispensable.

Though it seems like technology has taken over our modern lives, the digital lifestyle has actually given us countless gifts.

Online resources keep us informed and entertained 24/7.

Apps simplify our lives by providing practical solutions to daily tasks. Social networks keep us in the loop with people beyond our physical reach.

If you’re looking to improve your digital lifestyle, try these methods to maximize your virtual way of life:

Schedule a digital declutter.

Arranging your files and folders, going through your inbox’s unread messages, deleting old browser tabs, closing old email accounts, and uninstalling apps/software you no longer use can tidy up your virtual space.

Setting aside time to do this regularly can remove visual clutter, which can increase your productivity and focus!

It also frees up storage space and speeds up gadgets to make them work more efficiently.

More importantly, letting go of outdated apps and accounts can prevent future data and security breaches.

Take advantage of platforms that foster deeper relationships.

It’s not enough to like someone’s TikTok post or view their Facebook Stories.

You can build more meaningful bonds with friends, family, and co-workers by scheduling events that encourage virtual mingling.

Throw a viewing party via Teleparty and type your comments in real-time as you catch a show from Netflix, Disney, or HBO. Host a virtual BINGO with the older members of the family.

Choose a theme, play dress up, and sing your hearts out at a Zoom karaoke party. 

Explore the world through VR tours.

See the sights safely without hopping on a car or airplane.

Your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop grants you access to some of the most beautiful destinations of the world through free virtual reality tours.

Visit Paris’ famed Louvre Museum, swim in Australia’s The Great Barrier Reef, or go on a “walking tour” of Intramuros.

A quick YouTube search will reveal 360-degree views of stunning locales you may not have heard of.  

Sign up for virtual classes that ignite your passions.

Though it’s tempting to do nothing but binge-watch on the weekends, this valuable rest time can also be spent going beyond your comfort zone.

Learning how to code, play the guitar, and mold your own ceramic mug are fun examples of online classes being offered for free or for a small price.

Cultivating a habit of learning will not only train your brain to handle new challenges, but will also lower stress levels and widen your viewpoint. 

Invest in a secure file-sharing app.

Sharing files is a common occurrence between teammates collaborating remotely.

Due to the sensitive information that may be contained in these documents, it’s wise to invest in the right file sharing program.

Aside from protecting you from online threats such as identity theft or virus infection, choose one with perks such as large storage capacity, built-in team messaging interface, permission-based access, progress documentation, and automated backups.  

Evaluate and correct your digital habits.

Most mobile phones can give you an idea of how much time you spend on it and how long you use each app.

Take it one step further by writing down and identifying what you were actually doing per time frame.

Note which activities did not benefit you (such as checking up on your ex through Facebook), and cut back on these in the future.

On the other hand, continue investing in digital activities that make you feel good.

Reading up on baking hacks for your next bread experiment or watching an inspiring TED Talks speech is time well spent.

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