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Try These Apps to Help You Transition Back to the RTO Life

Try These Apps to Help You Transition Back to the RTO Life

To increase productivity and foster collaboration, the workforce is now slowly moving to a full onsite or hybrid work setup.

A huge chunk of this group has been working remotely for the past two years, and this sudden change may impact their daily habits. 

Here are some apps that could help everyone cope with the RTO (return to office) Life.

  1. Sectograph – Daily Time Organizer

Sectograph is a great time organizer to help you manage your daily schedule.

At a glance, you can check all your meetings, deadlines, and tasks for the day.

The app features a combination of a round clock and a pie-chart style organizer that marks all your activities based on the timeline. 

The app is perfect if you frequently lose track of your daily activities.

You can even use the app to remind you to take your vitamins or that it’s time to go home.

  1. IFTTT (If This Then That) – Mobile Automation

IFTTT is an automation app that functions as your assistant.

The code that this app utilizes is written in its name – If This, Then That.

For example, you can use the app to tell you that if it’s going to rain tomorrow, it should let you know so you can bring an umbrella.

If there’s visible traffic in your morning commute, it will let you know so you can leave earlier. 

  1. – Commuting app

Undoubtedly, the landscape of public transportation has evolved since the pandemic started.

You might be surprised that the routes you used to take when you were working onsite pre-lockdown are not around anymore. is an app that helps commuters by letting them know the possible routes they can take and what type of public transportation they should ride.

It also tells you where you should board and where you should alight. 


About commuting, there’s a new way to move around town, and it’s through GET’s (Global Electric Transport) Comet.

The Comet is an e-Vehicle that introduces sustainability, comfort, and security to daily public transportation options. 

It functions like a regular bus but has its routes and mostly stops in supermalls.

The app lets you check the routes in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, and more. 

  1. – Focus app through music

If you’re looking for the perfect background music to help you focus on your daily activities, might be the app you need.

Their music is made to help you function better by tuning out all distractions. features a music collection tailored for certain types of activities.

They conduct experiments utilizing fMRI and EEG machines to test their music’s effects on listeners. 

  1. Forest – Focus app

When working remotely, you’re free to use your mobile phone at any time, sometimes making it a source of distraction.

Forest is a great option to help you improve your focus and stay productive while working onsite.

When you decide that you want to focus, you plant a tree on the app.

The longer you stay on the app, the bigger your tree will be.

To discourage you from leaving, your tree wilts when you shift to other apps.

Even better, Forest partnered with an organization to plant real trees when you use tokens to plant your trees on the app.

With these apps, you’ll surely adjust to the RTO life in no time. Download them now by signing up for data promos!

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