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10 Modern Horror Movies to Watch for Halloween 2021

Looking for ways to spice up your Halloween celebration?

The night of horror is coming, and it gets better when accompanied by a watch party of the scariest, most terrifying, and hair-raising movies.

Gather your family or friends because you won’t want to spend the night alone.

We’ve listed below 10 of the scariest movies (in no particular order) that you can add to your watch list.

The Witch (2015)

Travel back in time and see the vanishing of a farmer’s son in New England in the 1600s.

As the family fills with fear and worries, they blame their daughter who was watching the boy at the time of his abduction.

The clan’s faith, devotion, and love is put to the test when they suspect their daughter of witchcraft.

Watch The Witch on Amazon Prime or Apple iTunes, and see for yourself how being haunted feels like in the 17th Century.

Fear Street (2021)

This movie has three parts: Fear Street Part One, which takes place in 1994, Fear Street Part Two takes place in 1978, and Fear Street Part Three takes place in 1666.

These movies revolve around a fictional town that’s crazed by horror.

During these years, the main characters take on an evil entity that terrorizes their town by slaying people.

If you like watching slasher movies with surprising twists, this trilogy might be the one for you.

Catch all three on Netflix or set up a Teleparty with your friends.

Start watching Fear Street here.

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018)

A group of live streamers venture into an abandoned asylum after hearing about the disappearance of two people.

As they move deeper into the building, they encounter some things that are more than what they are expecting.

Gonjiam is a found-footage type of film that will definitely get your heart racing.

The movie immerses you in the story and makes you feel like you’re moving along with the crew.

Buy or rent this action-packed thriller here.

Eerie (2018)

Eerie is a local film that will definitely send a shiver down your spine.

The movie is about a guidance counselor with special talents working at a Catholic school for girls.

When a student suddenly dies, she tries to help her friends cope with their loss while trying to find the reason for the student’s death.

Horror rises as she solves the mystery through her supernatural skills, and unravels a terrifying history.

If you’re fond of the idea that schools are haunted, this film is for you.

Watch it here on Netflix.

Get Out (2017)

When a couple decides to take their relationship to the next level by introducing the boyfriend to the girl’s family, things take on an odd twist.

At first, the boyfriend thinks that the overly accommodating actions of the girl’s family and family friends was a way for the parents to cope with their interracial relationship, but as he discovers that there’s more than meets the eye.

Get Out has shocking, breathtaking moments that will certainly keep you on your toes.

You may buy or rent this award winning movie on YouTube Movies or Google Play Movies.

Hush (2016)

Hush stars a deaf and mute writer who decides to move into the woods to live a solitary life.

Everything darkens when a killer finds her house and decides to play tricks on her.

It suddenly becomes a frightening game of cat and mouse.

Ultimately, the writer will have to use up all of her strength to try and beat the sadist killer.

This movie is a great combination of a slasher film and invasion thriller.

When looking for this film on Netflix, make sure you click on the 2016 version and not the 1998 flick with the same title.

Click here to watch.

His House (2020)

A refugee couple who seeks to flee a war-torn country gets the opportunity to live in a beat up house in the outskirts of London.

As they moved in, they were immediately given strict rules to follow or face deportation.

The couple finds it difficult to adjust to their new life as they discover that evil lurks within their walls.

Click here to watch it on Netflix.

The Invisible Man (2020)

When a scientist goes hysteric, he stages a suicide and uses his skills to become invisible to hunt and torture his ex-girlfriend.

She initially wanted to handle things lawfully but the police didn’t believe her.

To survive, she decides to take matters into her own hands and fight back.

Catch this hair-raising movie on YouTube Movies and Google Play Movies.

Prepare yourselves for an action-packed thriller film that will make you have doubts about what you can see.

Ready or Not (2019)

After marrying the love of her life at his family’s elegant estate, Grace realizes that she’s become part of a sick game.

She’ll have to hide from midnight till dawn as her new in-laws hunt her down violently.

Grace finds a way to turn the tables on her less-than-lovable relatives as she desperately tries to make it through the night.

With the right mix of satire and crazy, Ready or Not might make you think twice about your partner’s families.

Buy or rent this movie on Amazon Prime or Apple iTunes.

Cam (2018)

This Netflix movie is about a cam girl who got obsessed with increasing her page’s website rank.

After a quick rise to fame, her ranking suddenly drops and she gets locked out of her account.

When she tried to login in through a different account, she found a doppelganger running her account.

She does everything in her power to regain control, but a series of sinister events takes place.

Watch Cam on Netflix and see how it’s like when somebody steals your identity.

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