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Trick or Treat 2021 Edition: Halloween Tips

Excited for a sweet and spooky night? Halloween is right around the corner.

Make your costumes, buy some candies and decorations, and have a night filled with scarily fun activities.

We might not be able to go out trick or treating this year yet, but we’ve prepared some fun activities you can still do that are equally exciting and safe.

Here are some ways you can celebrate Halloween with your friends and family.

Halloween costume party

Costumes have become part of Halloween. Whether you’re trick-or-treating or simply holding a costume party for fun.

If you’re planning to host a virtual Halloween-themed costume party, here are some ways to make it more exciting.

Costume competition

Host a virtual costume party with your family and friends and assign judges to make it a legitimate competition. Increase the hype by adding a prize for the grand winner.

You may also solicit participation fees and the winner gets all.

Instruct the contestants to make use of their whole screen when presenting their costumes.

Let them use virtual backgrounds that compliment their costumes, or have them setup live sets from their homes.

Make sure to have everyone else shut off their cameras when the contestant is presenting so the spotlight is on them.

Who’s behind the mask?

Another way to hold a costume-themed virtual game is to have everyone wear full face masks of their favorite horror movie characters.

Make sure that you instruct everybody to clear their names when entering the virtual meeting room. 

Decide on the order of which you’ll be playing, and take turns guessing who the people are behind the masks.

The person who guesses the most right answers wins the game.

Go on a virtual tour

If you miss going to haunted houses in theme parks like Enchanted Kingdom and Star City, you’ll definitely enjoy this.

Go on virtual events such as WanderManila’s “One Night in Manila”.

It’s a free online Halloween tour that takes you on a trip through Manila’s iconic locations known for their dark, horrible, and violent past. 

For a more exclusive tour, you may also opt to avail a paid virtual tour.

Check Wander Manila’s paid tours here.

Virtual escape room

This is the online version of escape rooms, a live role-playing adventure game where you’re locked in a themed room.

To escape, you must solve puzzles, riddles, and mysteries.

If you fail to finish within the allotted time, you’ll be facing consequences.

This game has now gone virtual but the rush is definitely still the same. Prepare yourselves for some deafening screams and shrieks once you decide to play.

You may look for your choice of virtual escape rooms at Mystery Manila or Shoor.

Play Halloween-themed virtual games

Play online games that are perfect for your Halloween celebration with your friends or family. Try out Jackbox Games’ Party Packs and enjoy safely from your own homes. 

Here are some games you can purchase on Jackbox Games.

You may play these games on any device that supports web browsing.

You may also click here for more information on how to play.

Monster Seeking Monster

If you want to spice things up with your friends, try this spooky dating-themed game where you get to match with your friends and spread terror amongst everyone based on your character’s special abilities.

You may be a zombie who infects everybody that you match with, or a werewolf that can turn your date into a werewolf too by matching with them on a full moon. 

Trivia Murder Party

This Halloween-themed game is great for people who love trivia games.

Answer the questions correctly or you’ll end up on The Killing Floor where you’ll have to compete with other players who were also incorrect.

In there, you’ll play mini games that will determine if you’ll return to the main game or die and become a ghost.

But don’t lose hope because ghosts still have a chance to win the game. 

Split The Room

Play a game of what-ifs where you do your best to try and divide the players according to their answers.

The omniscient cat, who happens to be the host of the game, will be giving you a fill-in-the-answer type of statement.

You get to decide between two answers that you think will make the players go against each other.

The more divided they become, the more points you’ll be getting.

Aside from these paid games, you may also want to try playing Suspects: Mystery Mansion.

It’s a mobile game where you put your trust to the test.

Players will repair the mansion through tasks so they can escape; but there are suspects who will try to sabotage the escape plan by killing players or planting bombs.

Find out amongst yourselves who the suspects are, but you’ll be surprised how well the suspects can fool you.

Lastly, don’t forget to make use of some spooky virtual backgrounds when you celebrate Halloween online.

You can download some free backgrounds on Kapwing or try super cool Harry Potter backgrounds.

And if you’re up for it, you may also send some Halloween-themed care packages to your loved ones. 

Download the Smart GigaLife app from the App Store and Google Play, and subscribe to Unli Data or 7 Days Unli 5G so you can celebrate the best virtual Halloween party ever.

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