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10 Wacky Instagram Face Filter Games You Can Challenge Your Friends to Do

Nowadays, it’s still relatively risky to meet-up and hang out with friends. Most of us have accepted the fact that a huge chunk of our social interactions, especially during the pandemic, will have to be done virtually. And that’s where social media sites like Facebook and Instagram come in. There are actually many ways that you and your friends can still bond without having to see each other in person. Even when you and the gang are trapped at home, you can spend hours on entertaining online activities to cope with the isolation. 

Instagram has come a long way from just being a platform for sharing your photos. It has also given people the chance to post continuously about their day and have their stories up on a 24-hour window. More recently, Instagram has upped their ante with their story game filters. It’s basically a new way of playing games that rely solely on head and eye movements. These unique and fun game filters allow us to enjoy games on our own or connect with friends. If you haven’t come across them yet, your Instagram app must be updated to the latest version to access them. 

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve saved you the time of scrolling through all the available filter games and rounded up the most exciting ones to play. Here are 10 quirky filter games you can try out with friends guaranteed to give you a laugh or two:

Guess the Gibberish (@gibberish_official)

The mechanics of Guess the Gibberish is as straightforward as its name. You will be given a set of random words, which when spoken out loud, is supposed to sound like a sensible phrase. These phrases often don’t make any sense at all. That’s why you must pay close attention to them and try to guess from these words what the phrase is. They’re usually far from the actual answer which makes the game really challenging. 

Laugh Challenge (@at.augmented)

What’s the easiest way to crack you up? Seeing your face all weird and funny. The Laugh Challenge is a good way to find out who’s the more serious one in the bunch and who’s the most likely to laugh. If you can keep a straight face even while the filter distorts your face, then you win. It’s as simple as that. This game will not only lift your spirits but also teach you to laugh at yourself every now and then.  

Paca-paca (@yana.mishkinis)

Don’t you miss those simpler times when the most exciting game to play with friends was Pac-Man? Paca-paca is putting a twist to your favorite classic arcade game. This time, you have to control Pac-Man by using your head. Make sure to avoid the monsters in the maze as you consume the yellow dots. Try to see who among your friends can stay in this game the longest; or better yet, play this game in fast mode. 

Finish the Lyrics (@syazwanaizad)

Nothing beats the feeling of singing your all-time favorite songs with your friends. And while you can’t quite go to a karaoke bar with them just yet, you can ask them to try the Finish the Lyrics IG filter game. This generates random songs and will put you to the test on how well you know their lyrics. Give this game filter a go and check how many songs you can finish the lyrics to (without the help of Google of course!). You’re going to want to ready your singing voice for this!

 Flying Face (@dvoshansky)

This game is as frustrating as the famous Flappy Bird. Don’t get us wrong though; it’s the good kind of frustrating that will test your patience. Instead of relying on the dexterity of your fingers to keep the bird from hitting the tubes or falling to the ground, you have to blink (at the right timing) to get you far in Flying Face. It can get pretty tiring after a while so it’s a matter of strategizing how you can keep playing this game until you beat your friend’s highest score.

Truth or Dare (

There’s no room for excuses when playing the Truth or Dare game filter. The game generates questions which you need to answer as honestly as you can and dares that you need to accomplish whether you like it or not. The first one to give up or refuse to answer loses the game. A game created only for the bravest of hearts, it challenges you and your friends to see just how far you’re going to take it with these prompts. 

Draw in 5 Seconds (@chmnda)

Find out who the artist is among your barkada by challenging them to play Draw in 5 Seconds. The catch is that you have to draw whatever’s generated by the filter with your nose in five seconds or less. It doesn’t count if your drawing barely resembles what you’re being asked to illustrate! Don’t forget to compare drawings and judge for yourselves who the winner for that round is. Go ahead and show your friends what that nose can do.

Face Invaders (@rosterizer)

Remember that game we used to play as a kid on our tiny old phones when we were bored? Your favorite Space Impact game has a new look, and this time you’re actually in it. The coolest thing about Face Invaders is that you get to shoot laser beams out of your very own eyes and defeat UFOs. Fair warning: it’s very addicting and you and your friends might even find yourselves spending hours on this game. 

Who Is More____? (@vamonke)

Who Is More____? works a lot like fast talk questions. This game filter shoots rapid-fire questions for a pair, ideally couples, on who is more this and that or more likely to do something. For all you know, there are still some things about your friend or S.O. that you have yet to find out. And this is the perfect game for that. You’ll just have to make sure that both you and your partner see eye-to-eye and both your heads go in the same direction. 

6 Seconds (@yana.mishkinis)

Think you’ve got quick reflexes? 6 Seconds is a filter game that requires you to blink at exactly the six-second mark on the timer. Not a lot of people can hit the 6.00 mark and often either fall short or exceed the allotted time. That is why it already counts as an achievement in itself, no matter how silly, that you blink at the perfect timing. Just keep practicing and soon enough you’ll be able to show your friends that you can hit that mark during the first attempt.

These are only a couple of the many available Instagram game filters out there that can help you kill boredom during quarantine period. You can try these out for yourself or with friends and access a whole lot more with Smart’s Giga Stories. This promo offers open access data to any website or app and an additional 1 GB for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. To register, just dial *123# or go to the GigaLife App and choose FREE STORIES. Find out more about Giga Stories when you click on this link

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