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8 Reasons Why Filipinos Love K-Dramas So Much

Korean dramas (more popularly known as K-dramas) form quite a substantial part of Filipino entertainment today. Ever since the great “Hallyu” Korean wave came crashing in the Philippines, these telenovelas have charmed and captivated the hearts of many Filipinos. You’ve most likely found yourself either bawling your eyes out, laughing out loud, or falling helplessly in love with the lead actors while binge-watching the shows.  

One thing’s for sure, K-dramas have that unmistakable appeal that keeps many of us wanting more. They’re here to stay for a long time and we can probably expect more amazing shows from the Korean entertainment industry in the coming future. 

Wondering what it is that makes Korean dramas such a big hit? Below, we list down the reasons why K-drama is so popular among Filipinos. 

Relatable Content

A lot of the Koreanovelas that Filipinos are addicted to have one thing in common: they’re all relatable. Regardless of what the storyline is, the characters go through basically the same pains, hardships, or heartbreaks as any other individual. They’re pretty much real people who face everyday challenges and experience very human emotions. If there was something that K-dramas are widely-known for, it would have to be their ability to explore the deeply emotional and raw side of their characters as they navigate uncertain realities. Aside from that, they also usually tackle relevant social issues like discrimination and mental health. These all help create that connection and emotional investment in viewers throughout the episodes. 

Swoon-Worthy Lead Actors

The biggest pull that K-dramas have over the Filipinos is their insanely attractive and talented actors. Whenever you watch a new Korean television series, it’s almost inevitable for you to start crushing on the lead actors. Their lovable, charismatic personalities and ability to get into character and play their roles well add to their allure. The casting for every K-drama series is done perfectly so that each character is memorable. This is most likely the reason why the actors are often remembered as the characters they portrayed in a K-drama series. Even K-pop idols have been cast for a show and have since succeeded in their own respective acting careers.


There’s just something special about the way K-drama on-screen couples interact with each other. They each have a unique bond with their partner that translates into some of the most endearing, romantic, and cutest antics on the show. Oftentimes, your heart skips a beat every time the male lead would take notice of the female lead and your heart shatters into a million pieces when they’re torn away from one another. This just goes to show how the actors can take us on a journey throughout the relationship and make us appreciate every single moment and emotion that we feel for the couple. One thing worth knowing about romantic K-drama loveteams though is that they rarely get paired again for another telenovela. 


Apart from the good-looking actors, K-dramas also hook the Filipino audience with their breathtaking and awe-inspiring cinematography. The shots perfectly capture the beautiful South Korea, so much so that these fuel our wanderlust to travel to Seoul and experience the culture for ourselves. Since K-dramas have a definite number of episodes, the production team is able to maximize their efforts in properly executing their filming and editing process for each episode. The elements come together and result in a more cohesive drama series. The drama locations immediately transport you there and put you in the shoes of the characters. 


The background music also plays an integral role in a K-drama series. The soundtrack is what adds to the overall effect of each scene and has the power to make us feel plenty of emotions all at once. Despite the songs being in another language, they still somehow resonate with the Filipino viewers and put them in the right mood depending on what the characters are going through in that episode.  

Unpredictable Plot

Something else Filipinos find appealing about Koreanovelas is their incredible storylines. Every drama is unique and realistic. Although some of them may tend to fall into cliches or formulaic plots, they’re not afraid of experimenting with new ways of telling these kinds of stories. As mentioned before, a K-drama series has a clear beginning and end which is why there’s excellent pacing in terms of the storytelling and the episodes don’t drag on for much longer than they should. With the twists and cliffhangers each K-drama episode is wrought with, Filipino viewers relish in that feeling of being on the edge of their seats, not knowing what’s going to happen next.  


Binge-watching your favorite Koreanovelas has its advantages too. Filipinos enjoy the Korean culture so much that they’ve practically embraced it in their everyday lives. And it’s usually in these K-dramas that you get the opportunity to immerse yourself further in the traditions and rich history of the country and maybe learn a thing or two about their language. If you’ve watched enough K-dramas, you’ll even find that there isn’t that much difference between the Filipino and Korean culture. In fact, a lot of the trends that we have locally are inspired by the lifestyle of K-drama characters and actors, be it in terms of clothes, the food they eat, or their makeup.

Availability on various streaming services

The best part about K-dramas is that they’re easily accessible almost anywhere. There are many streaming services, like Netflix or Viu, which lets you choose from an assortment of Koreanovelas based on your taste. Entertainment companies in Korea have decided to take the leap of faith and moved from their usual channels onto platforms that have a wider reach. This initiative has largely contributed to the massive success of K-dramas worldwide and has made it possible for us viewers to have access to all our beloved shows. 

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