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5 Reasons That Make the FIBA Basketball World Cup a Spectacle to Watch

5 Reasons That Make the FIBA Basketball World Cup a Spectacle to Watch

The Group Phase of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) World Cup is now well underway and the games can get very exciting! With so many world-class teams and players, the league’s popularity only continues to grow.

If you’ve ever seen one of the games, you’d surely agree that these are only some of the awesome reasons the FIBA Basketball World Cup deserves your basketball love and affection.

Passion and Loyalty of Players

When players play for the FIBA Basketball World Cup, they play for their entire nation. Their motivation to win is less about fame and fortune, and more about bringing pride to their countrymen. That’s why you’ll observe that FIBA players are extremely passionate and play with fearlessness in their hearts—they just want to win a championship for the country and the fans they represent.

Atmosphere of the Game

The fans who watch the FIBA Basketball World Cup games are not only showing their support for a basketball team, but are also putting their patriotism on full display. It’s not unusual to meet fans who know next to nothing about basketball and yet watch and follow the games religiously—they’re there to fight alongside their national team. Look at the Filipino fans for example: not everyone knows or plays basketball but Filipinos go all out to support their national team when they play. Because when it comes to sports games that pit one country versus another, competition is not only found on the court, but in the bleachers as well. 

Sense of Urgency

With the FIBA Basketball World Cup’s tournament-style format, every game is important. Likewise, FIBA’s unique rules, such as 10-minute quarters, allowing zone defenses, smaller court size, and shorter three-point lines, are designed to encourage better scoring chances, more opportunities at team-focused basketball, and an overall faster-paced game flow.

The Rivalries

The rivalries are always intense, with teams constantly looking to improve on their standing from the previous year. Some opposing national teams have so much history that their games bring out the best in the players from both sides. Remember the Philippines’ heartbreaking loss to South Korea in 2018? So do the coaches and players on our Gilas Pilipinas National Team, who use these losses as motivation to do better each game. Rivalry is a positive aspect of the FIBA Basketball World Cup, and it only serves to elevate the viewers’ excitement for the games.

A Haven for Discovery

The FIBA Basketball World Cup is where you go to watch the best players from all over the world. It’s also a great venue for observing how teams and players develop with every new competition, offering an incredible glimpse into how basketball is played in different parts of the globe. With each country showcasing their unique style of play on the game, it delivers a fresh and invigorating experience that all basketball fans can appreciate.

The FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 takes place until September 10, and is played in the three host nations of Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Ignite your love for basketball when you stream the games LIVE on the Smart LiveStream App. Smart subscribers can watch the games for FREE, with no monthly subscription needed. Watch the games and rally behind our Gilas Pilipinas Men’s Basketball Team as they strive for victory!

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