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Back-to-School Must Haves for Learning and Staying Connected

Back-to-School Must Haves for Learning and Staying Connected

Going back to school after the long summer break is something students and parents always look forward to, with equal measures of dread and excitement. After the flurry of registration and enrollment, you’re now faced with a seemingly endless list of things to prepare in order to have a smooth transition.

This year, there’s an extra layer of uncertainty as nobody can say for sure if face-to-face classes are now truly the norm or if hybrid or full online learning will still be implemented. Whatever the case, it’s best to be prepared for all possibilities. 

Here are the essential things to help you welcome the new school year and get ready for any surprises it might bring:

  1. A reliable device

Whether it’s a laptop, a desktop, or a tablet, your device (or your child’s device) should be in top working condition. Install any necessary updates and apps to facilitate communication and online learning, such as Zoom, Google Meet, or any platform the school may be using. Check that your device can support these platforms and allows fast and easy access to them.

The importance of an efficient and reliable smartphone also cannot be ignored. Students need it to stay connected with classmates, groupmates, student organizations, and even their teachers. Plus, it’s a must for ordering things online, such as school supplies, books, and that ever-important cup of coffee or late-night snack when pulling an all-nighter. And if the laptop’s connection fails, connectivity using your cellphone can be a lifesaver.

If you’re a parent of young kids, meanwhile, your smartphone can be your lifeline to your child when they’re in school, perhaps through their nanny, school bus service, teachers, or a parent-teacher network. 

  1. Excellent connectivity

Reliable internet access is crucial in today’s learning landscape. This has never been more pronounced than in the last two to three years when lockdowns were in effect. Now that things appear to be going back to normal, the role of the internet remains significant. Online learning and distance education continue to be an option for schools and students, and everyone is still on alert in case this becomes the standard again. 

On top of this, excellent connectivity is also essential for research, collaborative activities, and personalized learning. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and consider having a backup plan in case of disruptions.

  1. Online learning platforms

Familiarize yourself with the online learning platforms your school or your child’s school uses. Some schools use proprietary platforms not only for virtual classes but also for other activities such as communicating with teachers, keeping track of students’ performance, posting assignments, tests, reading materials, and so on. Make sure you can access them smoothly and have a good grasp of their various functions. 

  1. Calendar and planning apps

Use calendar apps to keep track of class schedules, assignment due dates, exams, and other important dates. These can help you stay organized by providing a visual representation of the schedules and reminding you of deadlines and upcoming activities. You can input class timings, assignment due dates, extracurricular activities, and personal commitments, ensuring that nothing gets overlooked. 

  1. Accessories

The right accessories can help facilitate a smooth online experience. If the classes involve video conferencing, ensure the webcam and microphone are functional to participate in virtual discussions and presentations. Having a good pair of headphones or earphones can be helpful for clear communication during online classes and meetings and to block out distractions while studying.

Smart Solutions to Put You on the Right Track

Start the school year right by getting connectivity you can trust. With Smart’s fast and reliable service, you’ll have better peace of mind knowing connectivity is the least of your worries. 

Visit the Smart website for these tested solutions:

  • A good device and a great smartphone plan

Check out Smart’s Postpaid Plans to find one that matches your budget and preferences. There are plans that include UNLI calls and texts to all networks, UNLI landline calls, and more than ample data allocation from 2.5GB to 20GB. Smart SIM-only Plans 999 and up also come with UNLI 5G for 12 months. 

Smart’s Device Plans, on the other hand, give you the opportunity to easily own a brand-new device—perfect for a much-needed upgrade.

  • WiFi on the go

Smart Bro’s Pocket WiFi options offer connectivity whenever and wherever you need, allowing you to mix work and play when the occasion calls for it. Prices range from P995 for an LTE-powered device to P12,995 for a Smart 5G device. 

Remember that effective communication and connectivity are important not only for academic success but also for staying connected with peers, as well as for building a supportive learning community. As a student or parent, these tools can enhance your or your child’s learning experience throughout the school year.

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