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5G Smartphones for Every Gamer, at Every Budget

If you look back to a couple of years ago, most gamers played either on PCs or consoles. Now though, mobile gaming is even bigger than the other two combined.

After all, unlike with a gaming PC, you can play anywhere you go. Plus, while not everyone has a powerful gaming rig or console, most people have a smartphone.

For the best mobile gaming experience though, you’ll need to pick the right phone, preferably one with 5G connectivity to enjoy gaming with lower latency.

Especially for competitive games like Mobile Legends or Call of Duty Mobile, a bit of lag can mean the difference between victory or defeat.

If you’re currently looking for a phone upgrade, don’t worry as there are lots of great, 5G-ready gaming smartphones to choose from, whether you are on a budget or are willing to spend big bucks.

So, here are four gaming smartphones for every budget, all of which are available via Smart Signature plans.

Budget-Friendly – OPPO A74 5G

First up, we have the OPPO A74 5G, a more wallet-friendly smartphone option that will still run most of today’s popular games.

Thanks to its Snapdragon 480 processor and 6GB of RAM, you’ll be able to play Mobile Legends, PUBG, or most other competitive titles with ease.

You’ll even be able to enjoy a more fluid gameplay experience thanks to the phone’s 6.5-inch Full HD 90Hz display.

And to top it all off, the A74 5G has a large 5,000mAh battery, enabling it to last for well over a day on a single charge.

The OPPO A74 5G is a great starter device, and it’s available through a variety of Smart Signature Plans.

A great option is the Signature M with Device plan that features 15GB of Data per month, as well as Unli AllNet Calls & Texts and 150 mins Calls to PLDT, all for just P1,999 a month and a P900 cash out.

What’s great about the A74 is that if you do want to upgrade to a 5G plan, your phone will be able to support it.

Premium Mid-Range – Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Next up is the Galaxy A52 5G, Samsung’s new premium mid-range option.

While the A52 5G is touted for its impressive quad camera setup, the phone is also a capable gaming phone thanks to its Snapdragon 750 5G processor and 8GB of RAM.

Aside from having enough power to run today’s popular games, the A52 5G also has a large 6.5-inch AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate for buttery smooth gaming.

Finally, the Galaxy A52 5G’s 4,500mAh battery will let it last easily over a day on a single charge, even when you game a lot.

This new device from Samsung is an excellent phone to experience gaming 5G, and it’s available via Smart Signature 5G plans.

One such plan is the Signature L 5G which features 30 GB 5G/4G Data, Unli AllNet Calls & Texts, and 150 mins Calls to PLDT​.

This plan is available for P2,399 per month with just a P1,310 cash out for the Galaxy A52 5G.

Flagship – iPhone 12

Looking to play games at max settings? Look no further than the iPhone 12, Apple’s latest which packs the powerful A14 Bionic chip.

With this processor, the iPhone 12 will easily handle every mobile game you throw at it with ease, and you’ll also be able to enjoy their visuals thanks to phone’s 6.1″ Super Retina XDR Display.

And while it doesn’t have 5G in its name, the iPhone 12 can also connect to 5G networks.

As for battery life, the iPhone 12 has a 2815 mAh battery which might not seem like a lot at first, but thanks to Apple’s impressive optimization, the iPhone 12 should easily last for over a day on a single charge. That’s even if you play games throughout the day.

The latest iPhone is available via Smart Signature and Signature 5G.

Our pick for the iPhone 12 is the Signature XL 5G with Device which features 60 GB 5G/4G Data, Unli AllNet Calls & Texts, and 300 mins Calls to PLDT​, all for P3,299 monthly and a P7,498 cash out.

Best of the Best – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

Is maxing out graphics settings not enough for you? Then you should check out the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G.

Aside from being powerful enough to run every Android game available right now, the Z Fold3 is also an innovative foldable phone that features a tablet-like 7.6-inch AMOLED display, all in a small, smartphone-like form factor.

With the Z Fold3 5G, you’ll enjoy the most immersive smartphone gaming experience possible, all without sacrificing portability.

Plus, the ZFold 3 5G is Samsung’s third-generation foldable, meaning it is their most mature offering to date.

This new Samsung flagship not only offers the most polished user experience for a Z Fold phone, it also has much improved durability, and it even has IPX8 water resistance – impressive for a foldable phone!

If you think now is the time to jump into foldables, the Galaxy Z Fold3 is now available via Smart Signature Plans, including Signature XL 5G with Device.

This plan features 60 GB 5G/4G Data, Unli AllNet Calls & Texts, and 300 mins Calls to PLDT​ at or P3,299 monthly and a P45,598 cash out.

Looking for more smartphone options? Or maybe you’re thinking of a plan that’s more suited to your needs? Book a virtual appointment with a Smart store near you to see which plan and device is perfect for you.

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