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Essential Fitness Apps to Track Your Workouts

Essential Fitness Apps to Track Your Workouts

Keeping yourself healthy is essential, especially as being fit is the best way to help you fight off getting sick. However, this can be challenging if you have a busy lifestyle. Thankfully, many apps for your phone can easily track your fitness.

So, if you’re looking for specific apps to monitor your fitness goals, here are four apps that can help you out.


A common misconception is that exercise is all you need to keep yourself fit. While training is essential, what you eat has a more significant influence on your overall health.

To help with that, MyFitnessPal is a handy app to have on your iPhone or Android device. This free app lets you log what you eat and record the calories you consume, giving you an easy way to track and adjust what you eat for a more manageable diet plan. To further help you with weight loss, MyFitnessPal also allows you to set weight and fitness goals, meaning it acts as your weight loss diary.

Daily Workouts Home Trainer

While diet is a critical factor in keeping yourself healthy, exercising is still a must as doing so every day strengthens your muscles and improves your endurance. Proper exercise also helps your cardiovascular health, making you less susceptible to health problems in the long run.  

Even if you don’t get a gym membership, you can easily add workouts to your daily schedule with the Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer. This free app is available on iPhone and Android, and it features a large selection of activities, ranging from 5–10-minute targeted workouts to 30-minute randomized full-body workouts. This app even includes videos serving as an exercise guide, on-screen instruction, and timers for easy exercise tracking.


If at-home workouts aren’t your thing, you can always go jogging outside with the help of Runkeeper, an app that’s available for free on the App Store and Google Play which will be your all-in-one running partner.

With this app, you can track your daily runs via GPS and set goals if you want to enhance your endurance or lose some extra weight. Runkeeper has in-app challenges, exercise rewards, and achievements to share with friends to keep you motivated while running. Finally, Runkeeper has Apple Music and Spotify integration, so you can listen to your favorite tracks while going out for a quick run.

Fabulous Daily Routine Planner

The Fabulous Daily Routine Planner is another free app for Android and iOS, and at first glance, it looks more like a planner than a fitness app. Make no mistake, though; Fabulous is a science-based app designed to improve your overall health, complete with options to improve your fitness and achieve your weight loss goals.

Fabulous works differently from other planner apps as it gives smart-targeted health advice based on your needs. For instance, if weight loss is your goal, the app has specific weight-loss workout sessions complemented by integrated health sessions featuring relaxation and yoga. On top of these, the app even has tools that can help you improve your sleep cycle, which is necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you choose just one app among the four or try them all out, there’s bound to be one that will perfectly fit your needs to help you achieve your fitness goals. Though there is one thing that these apps have in common, all of them require an internet connection.

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