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Heart of Stone Is a Classic Spy Flick With a Modern Twist

Heart of Stone Is a Classic Spy Flick With a Modern Twist

Heart of Stone is a new action-packed spy thriller that follows the genre’s classic formula while injecting a few modern, relatable sensibilities. You can expect a fair share of vehicle chases, aerial acrobatics, and intense gunfights as you explore a technologically geared plot amidst a casino-esque backdrop.

There’s so much to be enjoyed in the movie’s techno-espionage premise that is further amplified by a talented main cast led by Gal Gadot. Tom Harper (MisFits, Peaky Blinders) takes the lead in directing this film with a solid screenplay from comic book legend Greg Rucka and screenwriter Allison Schroeder. 

Going in blind is the best approach as you’ll soon get a gritty, action-packed spy movie with a surprisingly artistic flair.

A royal flush of action and excitement

Heart of Stone features the typical spy thriller plot formula that has been used frequently over the years, but it is able to execute the said formula really well while adding some fresh and compelling elements.

Rachel Stone (Gal Gadot) is introduced as “9 of Hearts”, a member of a peace-keeping organization named The Charter. This tech-savvy and no-nonsense group deals with varying levels of turmoil across the globe. The Charter’s hand aims to quell any unrest, from terrorist attacks to full-on civil wars. To ensure their success, they utilize “The Heart”,  an algorithmic super AI that has access to all data in the world and makes real-time calculations in order to execute decisions. This wraps up a rather simple premise that sends our main cast on a journey that includes a fair number of twists, turns, and revelations.

We see Rachel Stone, Agent Parker (Jamie Dornan), and Alia Bhatt (Keya Dhawan) tear through parts of Europe and Africa, accomplishing the most death-defying stunts and showcasing jaw-dropping action sequences. Heart of Stone barely lets up for the entirety of its runtime, featuring everything from intense car chases to skydiving with reckless abandon and spectacularly gritty hand-to-hand combat scenes. While there’s a bit of breathing room in the beginning, owing to some exposition, you’ll be off to the races pretty quickly.

Playing the hand you’re dealt

There’s much to unpack in the film’s surprisingly relatable premise which involves some very familiar technology. The Heart is a semi-sentient AI that can make calculated decisions without any human supervision. This couldn’t have come at a better time as the world is slowly but steadily adjusting to AI being part of everyone’s daily lives. The bombastic nature of Heart of Stone kicks this idea into overdrive, making us imagine the myriad of worst-case scenarios should a technology like The Heart fall into the wrong hands.

We also get a touch of humanity from the film’s main cast. Rachel Stone is a hardened veteran and a consummate professional who plays by the rules but knows when and how to bend them. She’s a character that exudes fortitude and willpower no matter how dire the situation is and she’ll use any tool at her disposal in order to accomplish her mission.

The same can be said for Agent Parker, Keya Dhawan, and the rest of The Chapter who all have their own displays of emotion, capability, and resolve in the face of danger. We get a brilliant set of actors portraying the roles of diverse characters, each with their own motivations that expectedly clash with The Heart’s cold, calculated programming. Watching each scene unfold is a sight to behold, and will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Heart of Stone is an absolute classic when it comes to spy thrillers, but the relatable, modern twists set it apart from most of its predecessors. The hard-hitting action and exemplary stunt work make it a very enjoyable viewing experience as well.

The Charter has a mission for you

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