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Heartwarming Korean Shows to Watch During the Ber Months

Heartwarming Korean Shows to Watch During the Ber Months

Gather your friends and family, prepare some tteokbokki or kimbap, and laugh out loud or cry your hearts out as we’ve listed some of the best shows you can binge-watch during the Ber months.

Shi**ting Stars (2022)

Romance, Comedy

Ever wondered who deals with the messes caused by famous stars in the entertainment industry?

This show offers a great view of the people who work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. 

Sh**ting Stars features Lee Sung Kyung as the head of a PR team in an agency in charge of cleaning up the messes created by one of Korea’s top stars, Kim Young Dae.

Watch them argue, quarrel, bicker, and develop feelings for each other in this show.

My Unfamiliar Family (2020)

Family Drama

Most families experience misunderstandings, indifferences, and arguments.

My Unfamiliar Family takes on these challenges that families go through as time passes by.

It’s a story about how a family copes with all their challenges.

Watch how this family overcomes an obstacle when their family is hit by a huge problem.

This show features some of the biggest Korean stars like Han Ye-ri, Jung Jin-young, Won Mi-kyung, Choo Ja-hyun, Shin Jae-ha, and Kim Ji-seok.

Military Prosecutor Doberman (2022)

Legal Drama

Starring Ahn Bo-hyun and Jo Bo-ah, Military Prosecutor Doberman features the stories of two military prosecutors with different objectives and principles.

One wanted to become a military prosecutor for success and money, while the other became a prosecutor to seek revenge. 

The dynamics of the two main characters make the show exciting and fun to watch.

Find out how they will work together and push each other to become the finest military prosecutors in Korea.

A Piece Of Your Mind (2020)


This series features a romantic story between an established, stable AI programmer who’s the founder of his own company and a classical music recording engineer who, despite having a very unstable life with no house or family, still remains positive.

Watch Jung Hae-in and Chae Soo-bin in this heartwarming drama series.

Unexpected Business (2022)


For 10 days, the hosts take over different stores and become the bosses.

They manage the store’s operations, such as purchases and inventory. They also serve meals to the store’s customers.

See Jo In-sung and Chae Tae-hyun in action with this reality show as they run small shops in the countryside while sharing great fond memories with the locals. 

Jirisan (2022)

Action, Drama, Mystery

This drama series is set and named after the second highest mountain in Korea, Mt. Jiri.

Witness Ju Ji-hoon, Jun Ji-hyun, and Jo Han-chul count every second of the 30-hour golden period as they confidently scour the different areas and regions of Mt. Jiri for their search and rescue operations.

Grab this opportunity to see the spectacular views of Mt. Jiri and the breathtaking scenes in this must-watch Korean drama.

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