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Play to Earn with Axie Infinity

Play to Earn with Axie Infinity

More and more mobile game players are joining Axie Infinity because of the many surfacing testimonials of gamers who have received tangible financial rewards.

Many of them sound like they have hit cyber pay dirt. It has come to the point that just a few months ago, the Bureau of Internal Revenue took notice and issued a statement that players who make money from mobile gaming must register and be taxed.

That led to an outcry among supporters who said playing and earning from Axie Infinity was the only thing that saved them from hard times during the pandemic.

Many people sign up for Axie Infinity, and who can blame them? Those who immerse themselves in it can earn the typical $400 a month.

The trick to making more money revolves around Axies, intelligent creatures you grow, nurture, and then sell to others or unleash in battle games.

Each Axie brings value to their play, earning their owner Single Love Potions (SLP). The owner can cash that SLP in the real world, which, as of September 2021, was worth $.06.

If you want to be a high earner, you must master the game, breed more Axies, and develop them to the point that they win wars and breed more champions. Then you lease out these warriors to your friends who also want to earn an extra buck.

Axie Infinity and the Filipino Community

What makes playing the game appealing is that the stories of people who have made money on it, from “pantawid” money to the mega-bucks, have been increasing.

The implied message strikes a resonant chord among many Filipinos:  if they can do it, so can you. Just put in the time and effort.

When it comes to survival stories, nothing beats the touching stories of unemployed senior citizens locked up in their homes who discovered the game and played regularly to earn enough to buy medicines and food.

Then there are the medium earners who treat the game like a worthy side gig. Content moderator Dominic Lumabi is a player with very realistic financial expectations.

We still treasure every centavo earned even if the money sometimes drops to as low as P1000 a month.

As covered by an Associated Press article, his game-playing gets him about P10,000 a month, about half of what he earns in his full-time job that runs on a graveyard shift.

Nevertheless, Lumabi is happy with his earnings because he only spends two hours a day on the game, allowing him to keep his “day job.”

His monthly gaming gig also paid for his family groceries and his sister’s college education when his father’s electrical repair business slowed down during the height of COVID-19.

Then there are the jaw-dropping success stories. The most famous is the 22-year-old man who proudly showed the two properties on his Facebook page, attributing them to his Axie Infinity earnings.

Then there is Axie Infinity gamer and former Uber driver Kookoo Crypto, who hit the big time.

He does not only earn a lot from the game—Unbox says they reached up to $1 million after two years of playing—but he also invests in cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Now he also wants to pay back by unlocking the secrets of all those digital money-making revenues and Axie infinity in the class, “Become an Axie Infinity Trainer.”  His online masterclasses are held in partnership with NAS Academy Philippines.

Asked why he is training potential future competitors, Crypto says he wants “to share to fellow Pinoys how I was able to afford my dream house and how I retired my parents while at home in my sando through playing a video game that I love.”

All these stories got you interested in really getting into the game.  First, to manage expectations, the Axie newbie player earns roughly P1,200 a day if he puts in enough hours.

Of course, it is still a long way from the million-peso homes, but that starting pay is also far from being a bad deal, especially if you are struggling with unemployment and need a side income.

Here are a few tips to get started:

  1. First, you need to create an e-wallet account called Ronin. Registration only takes inputting your email.
  2. Add your Ronin e-wallet as an extension to your mobile device.
  3. Finally, click on and start with the tab “Getting Started.”
  4. Once inside, go to the Axie Infinity Marketplace.
  5. This is where you use your Ronin wallet to buy your first Team of Axies.
  6. Use your judgment. You want to play these Axies for the long haul. You will use them in combat and then breed them. That means you need the stronger ones with valuable skill sets.
  7. In buying an Axie, check how it rates in the following areas: strength, speed, combat skills, and morale.
  8. Don’t underestimate morale, as it can make a difference in winning or losing. An Axie with low morale can quit on you at the slightest defeat. But an Axie with high points in this area will take that last stand and keep the enemy at bay until your troops arrive to win. (Think Captain America as the last hero standing against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame.)

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