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Here’s Why You Should Upgrade Your House into a Smart Home

Here’s Why You Should Upgrade Your House into a Smart Home

Ever wanted coffee that’s brewed fresh every time you wake up?

Or do you want your curtains to automatically open up when it’s time to watch the sunset?

Then maybe you should consider building a smart home. 

First of all, what is a smart home?

It’s basically a house populated with electronic devices that you can remotely control using your smartphone or computer.

Some examples of these devices are smart refrigerators that could tell you if you don’t have milk anymore, a smart vacuum that can automatically clean your floors during specific times, and more.

But should you consider upgrading your house into a smart home?

Here are two of the best benefits you can get if you decide to do it. 

Level up your safety & security

While you’re away, have you ever wondered if your loved ones at home are safe or if robbers have found themselves inside your home?

Maybe you’re also unsure if you locked your door or not. If you constantly worry about these things, having a smart security system could be one of the biggest benefits you can get from a smart home.

Feel safer with a smart security system. You could have a smart CCTV you can monitor from anywhere.

Or a smart lock that triggers a push notification to your mobile whenever it is opened.

You can even set up an alarm that automatically notifies the police once a password isn’t entered when you open a door. 

Some more complex smart security systems can even give you information if a fire has broken out somewhere in your house or if somebody is moving in the middle of the night through motion detection sensors.

With such systems in place, you can feel more secure whether inside or outside your home.

Flexible and on-demand control

“Did I lock the door?”. You probably have thought of this at least once whenever you’re outside.

One great feature of smart homes is that you can usually control everything from a smartphone.

Just like you can lock and unlock your smart door lock virtually anywhere. 

If you have a smart AC in your home, you can turn it on before you arrive, so it’s already cold when you enter.

And if it’s too cold, you can simply change it through a few taps on your phone.

You may even want to level it up and feel like Tony Stark and Jarvis from Iron Man by connecting all your appliances to a smart hub like Google Nest or Amazon Echo.

With these devices, you can control your smart home with your voice.

Instantly play your favorite song from anywhere in your home by saying Hey Google, play Dynamite by BTS.

If a smart hub is properly set up, you’ll feel like you can talk to your house.

Thinking of building a smart home of your own? Here are a few tips for you

You may want to start with the small things. Get a smart light bulb or a smart sound system. 

If you’re planning to buy some appliances, try to look for smart ones like a smart AC, a smart oven, or a smart coffee maker.

You could even get smart power strips or plugs to control some of your non-smart appliances that only need an on and off button, for them to function smart – like your TV or electric fan. 

And of course, having a smart home that you could control remotely needs to be connected to the internet

If you’re still not connected to any fiber internet providers or other wired internet connections, don’t worry.

You can connect all your smart devices to the internet using prepaid WiFi devices like Smart Bro Home WiFi.

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