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Simple and Convenient Things You Can Do with GigaPay

Otherwise known as an e-wallet, a digital wallet is an online service or software-based system that allows a user to make secure electronic cash transactions through a mobile device.

Money transfer is just one of the common features of a digital wallet.

But the best thing about having an e-wallet is being able to do transactions at any time, from any place, and using just one platform!

GigaPay with PayMaya is Smart’s way of providing you with simpler and easier ways to pay.

Activating this digital wallet through the GigaLife App opens up a world of cashless convenience.

With GigaPay, you can:

1. Connect to an existing or new PayMaya account.

GigaPay is powered by PayMaya, a trusted fund transfer system governed by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

As such, you can safely activate your GigaPay to an existing PayMaya account or create a new one.

You can even link a credit or debit card—Mastercard, VISA, JCB, and PayMaya cards—and have its details stored securely within the PayMaya system.

PayMaya has over 200,000 cash-in touchpoints nationwide, making it a breeze for you to reload money to your GigaPay account.

Even better, PayMaya lets you make cashless transactions without leaving your home.

Send money from your PayMaya account to any bank account, and vice versa.

Just remember that there may be corresponding charges depending on your chosen bank or linked payment source.  

2. Buy Smart load with just one click.

Once you’ve set up your GigaPay account, you can easily purchase the Smart prepaid load of your choice without leaving the GigaLife app.

With affordable promos starting at P50, you can get 2GB data access to all websites for three days.

Sign up for the Giga Study + 2GB plan and host or attend uninterrupted classes on learning platforms such as Canvas and NEO for only P99 for seven days.

Or with just P50 for three days, you can subscribe to Giga Work + 1GB so you can virtually meet and collaborate with teammates, or send documents and treat them for a job well done.

The best part is that your GigaPay money never expires, so as long as you have enough balance in your account, you can keep using it for all your GigaLife transactions.

3. Subscribe to your favorite Smart promos.

Aside from prepaid load, you can buy your favorite Smart Prepaid promos on the GigaLife App by simply clicking on your preferred offer or swiping across the screen.

Whether it’s a love for online gaming (Giga Games), unwinding through your favorite songs (Giga Music), watching NBA games (Giga Video), or uploading unique content on TikTok (Giga Stories), cultivating your passions has never been this easy.

4. Monitor your spending. 

GigaPay keeps a record of your past and current GigaLife transactions, so you can effortlessly check your balance and keep tabs on your Smart-related expenses on one page.

Reviewing which combinations worked best for you can help you make better load and subscription choices in the future.

5. Get rewards and special offers.

Every GigaPay purchase you make earns you GigaPoints that you can use to redeem data offers.

You can even get dibs on lifestyle perks offered exclusively to GigaPay users.

Start using GigaPay with PayMaya today! Subscribers of Smart Prepaid, Smart Postpaid, Smart BRO, and TNT must first download or update the GigaLife App through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Upon logging into the GigaLife app, just tap the GigaPay icon to link your existing PayMaya account as your payment source.

Click on the “Link PayMaya” button, confirm the privacy notice settings, type in your PayMaya login details, enter the one-time PIN sent to your mobile number, then press “Approve and Activate GigaPay” to start using your e-wallet.

If you still don’t have a PayMaya account, you can also create a new account without having to leave the GigaLife App.

Find out more about GigaPay here.

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