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Keep the Romance Alive this Feburary on Netflix

Keep the Romance Alive this February on Netflix

It’s that time of the year again—no, it’s not Christmas—and lovers are out and about for their romantic rendezvous. However, the love month is not just about fancy dinners, boxes of chocolates, and large bouquets. Sometimes, a good ol’ series or movie does the trick. Check out these fresh releases from Netflix:

Love is Blind S2

Tired of dealing with superficial exteriors when meeting someone new? Trust me, we’ve all been there. If you’ve ever wondered what finding love would be like without worrying about surface-level traits, then this social experiment might just indulge your curiosity.

After the huge success of its first season where the world swooned mostly over Cameron & Lauren’s love story, Love is Blind is now back for another run. In a social experiment where physical appearance, race, and age are taken out of the dating equation, 30 strangers go on a series of speed-dates in pods where they can only talk and NOT see each other. Establishing a lifelong connection that would end up in marriage for some of them in such a short amount of time (not to mention doing it in the middle of unconventional circumstances) makes for a whirlwind of emotions and the sought-after fairytale spark.

Twenty Five Twenty One

They say that love cannot and should never be rushed. In building a solid relationship, sometimes it takes several months or even years—three years to be precise—in the case of two kindred spirits in this upcoming Korean drama.

From the director of “The King: Eternal Monarch” comes this romantic/coming-of-age TV series about two young people who reunite at the ages of 25 and 21 amidst a financial crisis that swept across South Korea in the late 1990’s.

“Mr. Sunshine” lead actress Kim Tae-ri plays Na Hee-do, an aspiring professional fencer who faces multiple adversities in reaching her dream of becoming part of the national fencing team. “Start Up” fans who were on #TeamDoSan, on the other hand, are in for a treat seeing Korean heartthrob Nam Joo-hyuk back on the silver screen. He plays the role of a young man who loses everything and becomes a reporter while taking on side hustles to make ends meet. These two characters meet again at different points in their lives and navigate through the complexities between friendship and love.

Tall Girl 2

Finding love is a huge feat in itself and even more so if you have to deal with tons of insecurities on a daily basis.

Ava Michelle comes back as Jodi Kreyman for a sequel of this 2019 rom-com that generated a lot of interesting discussions online as with almost everything that finds itself on the worldwide web. After giving an inspiring homecoming speech, the statuesque and rather awkward Jodi now finds herself in a completely different headspace as where she started. She’s now much more confident, popular, has a boyfriend, and will eventually star in the school’s musical this year. Despite the mixed reviews from the first film, seeing old characters like Jack, Stig, and Fareeda brush elbows with new personalities like Stella and a possible rival for Jodi’s love makes you want to stand tall and make room for more love this Valentine’s.

The Tinder Swindler

Addicted to the rush of making matches with just a few swipes? The ladies from this Netflix docu-series would probably suggest that you put your phone down and rethink who you go out with from social dating apps.

The Tinder Swindler earned his nickname after reportedly meeting women online whom he would later scam into sending him large amounts of money through intricate acts of deception. The documentary claims that Simon Leviev lured women into his extravagant lifestyle and pretended to be the son of a CEO of a diamond company. It is estimated that he has stolen around $10 million from multiple victims through this outrageous scam. This is the perfect antithesis to Valentine’s and would most likely remind you that it’s probably fake if it’s too good to be true.

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